Monday, January 5, 2015

Chicken Boobs

My daughter (who will be nine in less than two weeks...OMG), recently discovered my blog.  She was mildly happy that she was featured in some of the blogs, so now she's been asking to "write" a few posts about funny instances our family has had.  OK, girl, you go for it.  Am I training the next generation of snarky, inappropriate bloggers?  

Maybe, teehee.

So here ya go, curtesy of my dear daughter...

So it's about 6:30 PM.  My mom and I are watching Family Feud in her room. (We call it Family Food.) and the first answer on the board was "butt".  I think the question was "What's the most hottest part of a woman's body?" (LOL, I have such a good mom.) Then,  one of the contestants answered "breasts." And DING! Breast appeared.  I suddenly thought of our fridge (I have no idea why I did) but in it at the time we had "chicken breasts" in the fridge.  I asked "Mom, if breasts are your boobs, then are we eating chicken boobs?"  My mom answered by telling me that we were eating boobs of a chicken.  I was shocked and I barely ate "chicken boobs" anymore.

I will still eat chicken breasts but I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER think of them the same!!!!!!

Chicken Boobs, Yumm?

The Housewife is yeah, apparently my sweet, innocent daughter can write.  I did a small edit on her post but not much.  Oh boy.  I can only imagine what she'll write about me when she gets older.

Chicken boobs.  Awesome.  

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Wendy said...

OMW! I will never think of them the same again either! Keep writing girl! :D

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