Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I consider a woman extremely lucky if she has friends.

I'm not talking about the small-talk friends that say hello to you at the bus stop or invite your kid over for a playdate (although those are nice, too!).

I'm talking about the good friends; the ones you can be away from for five (or more) years, finally get back together and ramble on like no time has passed.

The friends that can make you laugh until you cry during your lunch date - and you don't even care that you're cry-hard laughing in front of a room full of people.

The friends that you can imagine sipping scotch and pigging out on ice cream sundaes with when you're 80.

The friends that put you up for the night, and then crawl in bed with you at midnight when she's pissed off at her husband and doesn't want to sleep in the same bed with him.

Me: (half asleep) What the hell are you doing!?

Friend: Getting in bed with you because I don't want to sleep with The Hubs.

Me: Ok.  No farting, though.

Which leads to an hour of giggles (yeah, we're pushing 40, oh lord, but I hope we'll never lose the giggling).

Friends' weekend and deciding who snores the loudest (and gets the couch), and who gets the privilege of the bed.

The friends that you've seen naked and didn't even bat an eye.

The friends that you can feel confident showing up to her house in your sweats, slippers and no makeup...and it's perfectly acceptable.

The friends that you know more secrets about than even her husband does.

The friends that can pick fries off your plate without asking during a dinner date and it's no biggie, because you already picked something off her plate.

The friends that you can cry to - the blubbering, slobbering, snot-coming-out-of-your-nose cry...and never worry that she thinks you're crazy.

The friends that you can reminisce with about funny things that happened 20 years ago, even if you weren't there.

The friends that you can just look at, and she'll know exactly what you're thinking.  This look works well when I'm wanting to make fun of someone without saying a word.  Bitchy-resting-face...move my eyes to my friend...she snorts...mission accomplished.

I'm lucky to be one of those women with good friends.

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