Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Red Ball 2014 - Picture and Coverage Update

I've covered many events over the years on The Housewife Diaries but, there's something *extra* special about the Red Ball presented by Independence Blue Cross.  Maybe it's the amazing staff, the incredibly friendly guests, the gowns, the red-tie tuxedos, the food...I could go on.

The themes of the evening?  Red dresses, beauty queens and "selfies."

Let's start with the red dresses.  There are always women in red dresses at the Red Ball.  But I noticed an abundance of them this year.  If you're a woman and you've attempted to shop for a red gown (not black, not blue, not any-other-color), you know it ain't easy.  Nice job this year, ladies.  Wow.

Next, the beauty queens.  There were gorgeous women in tiaras brushing shoulders with the guests at every turn - I had the pleasure of meeting a few of them.  Part of me wanted to steal their tiaras for myself (oh, look, what's that over there? Rip!) but, truly, they all were very gracious, kind and lovely.  They obviously earned and deserve their titles and crowns.  And I promise not to steal any tiaras in the future...

And finally, the selfies.  It was a night of the Red Ball selfie.  I almost want to start a Twitter hashtag #redballselfie, because everyone was taking them (including me).

 Sooo, with all that said, let's get on with it, shall we?

One of my most favorite things about the Red Ball?  The building (the Please Touch Museum) is so GRAND.  Let's DO this!

The red carpet was a little different this year, but I liked the change.

Men, diamonds are a girl's best friend.  No, really, they are.  Trust me.  I bid on this necklace to go with the tiara I planned to steal but, unfortunately, I was outbid.

Sing it, girl!  Thanks to the CTO Band for giving it their all, as always, and for singing my new favorite song "Happy."  I took more pictures of them, but they turned out blurry because I was too busy dancing while snapping them.

Remember that word grand I was talking about?  Does a party get any more grand than this?  Nope.

Did I mention beauty queens?  Here is the lovely Miss Philadelphia and her gal pal date.

An adorable couple proudly posing with their photo booth pictures...

If you've read my past Red Ball blogs, you know I have to get a "piano by heels" picture every year.  So fun.

My heartfelt thanks to Dave Schrader, Chief Communications Officer for the American Red Cross, Southeastern PA (AKA Super Dave), for continuing to invite my snarky ass to cover this event.  I pulled him aside and asked for a selfie for the blog - a guest noticed us clumsily fumbling with the cell phone and offered to take the pic for us.  Thank you!

Dueling pianos in the VIP room.  Hysterical.  They didn't even flinch when I walked right up to them to snap their picture.  I had the sudden urge to jump on one of the pianos and do my best Michelle Pfieffer impression from The Fabulous Baker Boys.  Luckily for the guests (and the piano players), I refrained.

Love her kicky foot!  I bet her feet hurt by the end of the evening - I know mine did.

Red Ball kisses.  I actually took two pictures of these two - one with them facing me, but I chose the smoochie shot.  So sweet.

The Honorable Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, CEO of the American Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia NBC news anchor Keith Jones (on a side note, they took a selfie immediately after this - you can see it here).  

You know you have some mad people skills when you can convince a man in a tux to get down and pretend to play a fake harp.  He and his date are in the picture above.  The funniest part?  After I took this, he asked me, "where can I find those pictures?"  Little does he know, teehee!  Hopefully he sees this...

So back to the beauty queen theme, I saw the gorgeous Miss New Jersey 2013 and made a beeline for her.  She was so sweet and hospitable - she even retweeted this picture.  Thank you, Cara!  You're my pageant hero.  You can see the retweet and follow her on Twitter here.    

I love this picture.  Do you see her finger?  I want THAT.  (Samples from Eatible Delights)

Red roses and candles on all the tables again this year.  Such a nice touch.  I was tempted to grab one, hold it between my teeth and start a conga line but, again, I refrained (damn those dueling pianos and red roses!).  

The very courteous chefs from Bank and Bourbon.  Trust me people, this upcoming restaurant is not one to miss.  They were serving tomato remoulade sauce on a corn pancake.  OMG.  I know that may sound a little "out there," but I came back twice for a second (and third) helping.  Amazing.  Good luck, boys.  It's not every day that you get to see renowned chefs cooking in front of a glass case filled with rubber duckies.  I will definitely be planning a date night at your place once you open...

Champagne topped with water ice (or as the Philly locals call it, "wudder" ice).  Yummmm.  Courtesy of Mr. D's.

And, if you're not into the champagne, they also offered plain water ice.

The lovely servers from Cakes and Candies by MaryEllen.  The guests were raving over her cake pop displays on Twitter and in person.  She outdoes herself at the Red Ball every year - which is why, for the second time in three years, she won the restaurant competition again.

Maytag bleu cheese crostini courtesy of Victory Brewing Company.  If you can just imagine the crunch of the crostini with the softness of the cheese...I need to learn this recipe so I can take it to my next Stepford Wife party.  Delish.

Loved Chima Brazilian Steakhouse's slogan...and they're absolutely right.

Want to know what little gems are in those cups?  Banana foster bread pudding with bourbon creme anglaise, courtesy of Bourbon Blue.  Yeah, I know you want one.  I had one...OK two.

Ahi tuna with pickled cucumber from Devon Seafood.  I love ahi, and I've decided that my new favorite ingredient is pickled vegetables.  The sweet with the sour, mmmm.  Bring on the pickled veggies!  Devon Seafood, I'm a regular stalker and will continue to be.

Speaking of pickled veggies, The JNA Institute of Culinary Arts by FAR won my vote for the best dish of the night.  Thumbs up - y'all are going to be amazing chefs with a dish like this.  Smoked pork belly with baby radishes and pickled (pickled, yesss!) red onion salad.  Again, it might sound a little "out there" but, seriously, take a bite and it's like Disneyland in your mouth.

Slices by Peace a Pizza.  Brilliant name.

Tuna tartar with pickled cucumbers (pickled veggies again, be still my heart) by Pennsylvania 6.  Another wow, this was delish.  I'm adding this restaurant to my date-night-stalking list.  Can't wait to see their whole menu - I might have to order one of everything. favorite picture of the whole night goes to this gentleman.  I was casually strolling through the VIP room, passed by him and noticed he was alone and holding a pair of lady's shoes.  Um OK, how can I possibly walk by this man without asking for a picture?!  I took a similar pic at the Red Ball 2012, except that guy was stuck with shoes AND a purse.  "Here honey, hold my shoes!  I'll be right back!"  God bless our man dates!

He kindly posed for me and we had a giggle about the shoes.  Even holding them, doesn't he look great?

Red Ball 2014 raised more than $310,000 for Red Cross disaster relief and Red Cross House – The Center for Disaster Recovery, the one-of-a-kind short-term housing facility in University City where hundreds of local families every year begin their recovery from fires, floods, and other disasters.

“Once again, the Philadelphia region showed its overwhelming generosity and made the Red Ball a huge success,” said Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, American Red Cross SEPA CEO. “Red Ball is the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of dedicated people, so it is very gratifying to see everyone have a great time and raise vital funds for our work at the same time.”

The public is invited to regularly check out or for the link to photos and for articles about the event.

 I hope you enjoyed the ride.  I know I did - this is my most favorite evening of the the whole year.  And that's right, bitches, I'm the media!


PorkStar said...

ha, great pictures and nice review. I haven't read you in forever but I promise to do so more often.

The man with the shoes is also my fave picture of your set.

Aly ~ Cooking in Stilettos said...

Fantastic photos!!! Love that you went back for seconds on the Bourbon Blue's bread pudding - their food is so good :) I need to check out Bank & Bourbon too. How is life on the Main Line - I miss reading your updates :)

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