Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday F Bombs

Soooo, as I said in my last post, our trip to Tulsa was hella exciting.

Who knew I could have some much fun in OK?

But, before we get to that, the week before we visited OK The Hubs and I celebrated my birthday.  36.  Gulp.  The Stepfords heard how old I was turning and couldn't help but mention...oh, you're still a baby!  Yeah, tell me that tomorrow morning when I wake up and my neck hurts, my feet hurt, and I think I now need botox on my forehead.  Plus, I'm now dyeing my hair because of the gray, not just because I want to.  However, 36 feels good.  I'm comfortable in my own skin (fucking finally).  For those of you who haven't reached this "point," hang in there, because it only gets better.  Not because your body, hair, and skin will get better...but because you will learn to not give a shit.  It feels extremely empowering, trust me.

Back to my birthday.  The Hubs let me pick our date night, so I decided on a yummy seafood restaurant in the middle of Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philly, followed by laughing our asses off at a comedy club.  Although we did laugh our asses off, the best part of the night was in the club bar before the act.  The hubs and I were sitting there, enjoying our beers, talking smack about the not-so-friendly bartenders (typical Philly), when I heard a very loud man two seats down from me drop the F bomb probably five times in two sentences.  I couldn't help but think "I NEED to meet this dude, whoever he is..." and I voiced this to The Hubs.  He casually replied, "oh yeah, that's Doug Benson."  Who?  This wasn't even the comedian we were there to see.  Oh fuck, who cares, I'm going over to talk to him.

And I did.

I started the conversation in my true, classy housewife form by walking up and telling him that I loved his F bombs -- and he happily repeated the word for me five times in a row again.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!  Wow, this night is turning out to be the best night ever. Turns out, his act jokes a lot about smoking pot.  Meh, not my thing (hugs not drugs, kids -- I much prefer martinis and cigarettes), but I was thrilled to meet a loud, friendly comedian who says fuck a lot.  After closely watching my mouth around my kiddos all day, every day, it's nice to be reminded that I actually am an adult, and we can say those nasty, incredibly offensive words.

Fuck yes!

He graciously posed for a picture with me like we were old friends.

It was a good birthday, which will hopefully be followed up by a great year of being 36.  (Did I mention The Hubs is almost 43 hehe?)

Next up, the first half of the trip to Tulsa, part one.  I can't wait to tell you about The Hub's reunion (and his female friends, ahem) and our lovely day bobbing on the lake with our extended family.  This is my cutie patootie nephew and me.

The first half of our trip isn't even the best part -- I will save that for part two.  Stay tuned...

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