Friday, January 4, 2013

The Hubs, The Stepfords, and Music

The Hubs and I have lots of conversations.  Some are serious, but most are silly, quirky and with a touch (ok lots) of sarcasm.  He's much less of a goofball these days, but he hasn't lost his sarcasm, which is good because neither have I.

The other thing about The Hubs is -- he knows music.  Like, really knows music.  He knows bands that no one has ever heard of.  He knows bands, he knows the members' names, he knows the bands'  stories.  He's seen more concerts than anyone I know.  His favorite Saturday morning activity, after making the kids homemade waffles, is sitting at the computer listening to music.  Lots of music.  I can almost expect to wake up on the weekends and have him ask me to listen to a new artist or song he discovered that morning.

I like a lot of it.  Some of it sucks.  And some of it is just plain weird.

I think he especially enjoys the weird shit.

Anyway, so for the past few years, I have been playing a little game with him.  I've bee trying to find songs that he's never heard before.  Songs I like, that I think he'll like, too.  Pandora helps.

Our conversations go something like this...

Me: Honey, I found some new songs this week.  I want you to hear 'em.


He sits down and I excitedly pull up Spotify and find my newest list.  It starts to play...and I can hardly take the anticipation...I watch him...will THIS be the song?

Less than 30 seconds into the song...

DH: Oh yeah, I know these guys.  This is blah blah blah from the blah blah blah band.  You didn't recognize him because he's singing solo under his own name.


DH just sighs at me and shakes his head.  I'm beginning to think I will never beat him at this game, because I've been trying for a long time with no avail.

I do like that he's into music, because that means that I know more.  For instance, I was at a Stepford Wife party a few weeks ago, and the music was blasting while we all sipped our cocktails and mingled around the basement bar.

Ohhhh, and let me tell you, I think I've broken through to the Stepford Wives.  Finally.  One of them actually lip sang a song (at this very party) to the crowd, using a candle stick as a microphone -- she even gave us a stage dance.  I also heard another Stepford did a sexy dance on top of the pingpong table to a Whitesnake song but, unfortunately, I had already gone home for that performance.

OK, back to the party.

So I'm at the party, chatting with another Stepford and her husband -- both of whom I really like.  A Jay Z song comes on, and the Stepford husband, who is very metro, very clean cut, and very wealthy, goes "hey, I like this song...I need to write it down so I can put it on my iPod!"

I like the song, too, but, who doesn't know Jay Z?

And I (feeling The Housewife coming forward) quickly blurted out while giggling "Bob, you are so WHITE."  (and he is)

Ummm, did I really just say that to a Stepford husband?

Yep...I did.

Luckily he laughed and agreed.  Bob's cool, even if he doesn't know who Jay Z is.  Also lucky for me, he had a few shots of tequila in him at the time.  I was the sober one (imagine that?).  I guess I'm getting more comfortable with the Stepfords.  I've even started dropping the F bomb around them.  Like, all of them.

Even the Catholic ones.


To end this post, I thought I'd share some of the songs I've been trying to stump The Hubs with.  Some you may like, others you may not.  The point is, they're not mainstream and are strictly used for me to win this fucking game of music with The Hubs.



Aly ~ Cooking in Stilettos said...

I'm so glad you are injecting a bit of life into the Stepford community - had to deal with a few lately and I wanted to start carrying a flask around to encourage them to take a shot to loosen up. Gotta love the Main Line ;)

Merrie said...

I love how you guys are. And I love the influence on the Stepford wives -- keep it up. ;)

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