Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

In less than 24 hours, I will be on my home-state soil of Colorado....woot woot!  Today I was reflecting on my past Colorado vacations that I've taken since leaving Denver for good (or D-town as the locals call it) in late 2003.

In 2008, I drove there from Las Vegas (about 12 hours) by myself with two little kiddos....quite the adventure!  I took pictures along the way and visited the Columbine Memorial in Littleton.  I also spent time with my big sister and met a Sarah Palin look alike.

Want to see?  Read the chapters here-

The Housewife's Colorado Vacation- Part 1

In 2010 the family and I arrived in Colorado for a much-needed family reunion and celebrated my mom's 60th birthday in the quaint little mountain town of Glenwood Springs.  We swam in the hot springs pool, went river rafting and I even surprised my mom with a big, delish chocolate cake at her birthday party.

Check it out...

This trip, I plan to drink lots of Fat Tire beer, spend time with my best gal pals and the grand finale...two whole days ALONE with The Hubs in Estes Park to celebrate ten years of wedded bliss.  Technically, we don't celebrate until this fall but, shit, when I've been offered overnight, free childcare from the CO family, girl has got to take it!

I can't wait to see what this trip brings.  Because, you all know, it's always an adventure with The Housewife.  I can't wait to take The Hubs to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, hold up my little finger to him, and raspily say "red rum, red rum!"  For those of you who didn't get that joke, The Stanley Hotel is where Stephen King's The Shining was written (it's also haunted!).  He hates ghosts...hehe.

I may stop by the Aurora theatre where all those poor people were shot (used to bartend not far from that theatre) but I haven't decided yet.  Even if I don't, the families and friends affected by the tragedy will be in my thoughts while I'm there.

Stay tuned for all the deets.  Catch you on the flip side, bitches!

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