Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Red Ball 2012 - Picture & Coverage Update!

Happy Friday! As I said in my Red Ball preview post, this year's party was the BEST YET. Beautiful people, great food and fabulous entertainment. I know you want to come next year!

So here's the update from my evening at the Red Ball...

Parking was a snap, and The Hubs and I were greeted with this. Bring it on!

On our way in, I sneaked a picture of this lovely group of ladies. Their men were behind me, furiously snapping pictures. Don't mind me; just keep smiling and looking fabulous!

A few steps later, we strolled by a humbling display that reminded me of why we're all here...

Notice the red carpet steps? Love it.

We were greeted with the silent auction...

Special thanks to Dave Schrader, Director of Communications...

Here's my new Red Ball BFF, Stacey and her husband, Joe. If you've read my past Red Ball posts, you'll recognize her from the 2010 Red Ball.

Don't forget to wear your life jacket when canoeing - so cute!

These ladies prove that one can still look hot while riding on a plastic horse...

Aww, The Hubs -- hold on tight, honey bun!

Here's Matt with Funtown Productions free painting in the VIP room.

What's the use of a party if you cant be a little silly?

A fun thing about riding the carousel: the ladies had to take off their shoes before riding (and for good reason lol). I snapped this adorable picture with a little encouragement...

The heel pile of shame -- see!

This picture is one of my favorites of the evening -- I was giggling when I took it, which is why it's blurry. Can you guess why I was laughing? I can just hear it...honey, watch my shoes and purse, I'm going to ride the plastic horses, yeehaw!

Beef tenderloin in black peeper sauce courtesy of Sugar House. Delish.

This is the most amazing display, holy cow. Cookies, cake pops and cupcakes by Cakes & Candies by Maryellen.

Crab-wrapped flounder by Chart House. It was buttery, sweet and smooth.

This was one of my most favorite displays of the evening. Isn't it crazy appealing? Water ice, or as the locals call it "wudder" ice, by Morrone's Treat Centers.

Beef Bourgourion over yukon gold mashed potatoes courtesy of Aneu. Comfort food at its best!

OMG, do I really need to caption this one?

Aged rum by Brugal. I admit, I had a few glasses of this. Strong and smooth, just as I like my sipping cocktails.

Another one of my new Red Ball friends -- she is the cupcake queen and owner of Cupcakes Gourmet. She can make almost any flavor of cupcake your little heart can dream up; believe me, I've seen it! Need some? Tell her I sent you!

Here's professional poker player, Beth Shak. I met her at last year's Red Ball -- she looked even more beautiful than last year! Her dress was absolutely stunning.

I snapped my aunt from another life, Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff, reading her tarot cards for a lucky guest.

Where else can you play piano by heels?

Red carpet, baby! And speaking of red carpet, here The Hubs and me posing -- not too shabby, eh!? Special thanks to Red Cross, Mod Space and all the vendors who gave their time, energy and support to such a great cause.

This year's Red Ball raised $329,836, the most ever for any SEPA Chapter single day event, breaking last year’s record.

All proceeds from The Red Ball directly benefit Red Cross House, SEPA Chapter’s one-of-a-kind short-term housing facility in University City where hundreds of local families every year begin their recovery from fires, floods, and other disasters. The public is invited to regularly check out for photos and articles about the event.


Nicole said...

Looks like a fabulous time!!!!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous event! Looked like an awesome time and sounds like it was a big success!

Staceylynnie said...

Great pics! You captured the evening perfectly! It was good to see you again (even if I was in the same dress as 2010... last minute decision).
See you in 2013!
Your Red Ball BFF (love it!)

Tasha said...

Stacey, I have flannel shirts in my cloeset from 17 years ago (seriously). Wearing the same dress to an event is definitely OK lol - especially when you wear cute shoes with it like you did! ;) It was good to see you, too!

JenB said...

You seriously look GORGEOUS. You need to hear that, sister! You are stunning!!! (oh, and the party looked like fun, too! oh, and hi Matt!)

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