Monday, December 26, 2011

Sing Me a Song, Mom!

This year, the kids have started asking me to teach them Christmas carols. I admit I'm a tad-bit embarrassed that they had to ask ME, when I should have beat them to the punch. The problem is, when I start singing, glass begins to crack everywhere. I wonder if, someday, the cats will come running. At least I have cat food and a litter box.

I am a horrid singer. It kills me but I have accepted the fact. I can hold a general tune but, once I start trying to sing beyond a C note, my voice sounds like a really bad American Idol episode.

"Silent night....holy night....all is calm....all is ahh, *cough,* ah ah ahhhrrrrrooooooo!"

Ehhh, kids, let's put on Pandora instead and I'll print you out the lyrics.

Nice, Tasha.

Growing up, my mom was a beautiful singer (still is). She sung with a couple of groups when I was a kid and would always sing harmony to my songs when I actually had the balls to sing with her.

My kids get a youtube video and printed-out lyrics.


My mom still begs me to sing with her and, you no what my answer is? HELL fucking no, mom. Have you heard my voice in the last ohhh, I don't know, 35 years? Um yeah. Go sing with Ava -- who loves to sing...all goddamn day long. I wonder where she got that from lol?

I'm such an awesome daughter. And (non-singing) mom.

But seriously, my mom should know better by now.


KT said...

Oh, I have no shame.
No mother effing shame.
Maybe I should.
I totally got busted belting out Wham Rap in my car the other day.

Maybe your kids would like that one?

Dr Zibbs said...

I wish I could sing. I'm OK but not great.

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