Monday, December 19, 2011

I Have Hoarding Issues

Evidently I have hoarding issues.

The other day I was craving some hot chocolate. I went in search of a box of Swiss Miss that I remembered having in the pantry.

Well, hell. No wonder why I remembered it was in there -- it's been sitting in my pantry since....2006.

Uh yeah.

The sad part is that I pondered on whether to actually drink it. A hot chocolate craving is serious shit, people.

Can you see the "sell-by" date at the top left? If not, let me help you out. It's for August 2006. That means I bought it when we were living in Las Vegas (we've been in Philly for two years already).

That means I packed it, like in a box with my regular food, and took it allllllllll the way to Philly with me. And, even then, the expiration date was over three years old.

Nice, Tasha

I did end up throwing it away but, it made me start to psychologize myself....WHY would I need to keep a cheap box of hot chocolate for that long? It's not like I can say "oh, well, you know, the years just got past me!" I can't say that because I freakin PACKED take to Philly with me. WTF? The amazing, traveling box of hot chocolate!

So I started going through the rest of my pantry because, of course, this must be an isolated incident....right?


I'm not even going to tell you how hold a can of cream of mushroom soup I found was. I'll let you just use your imagination.

So apparently I'm a pantry-food hoarder. Good thing I don't ever actually cook anything (take-out, anyone?!), because THAT would be really scary....

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Anonymous said...

I don't even want to BEGIN to tell you what my pantry looked like when I started "Pantry Cleanout 2011" - oh my lord. Thank god I left most of my stuff in Orlando and didn't take it up with me when I moved. However, when I stocked the pantry when I arrived in Philly - well, that stuff fell by the wayside and I found sauces from 2009, etc. Yuck!

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