Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deep Thoughts -- Boy Hair

My five-year-old daughter gave herself her first self-haircut yesterday.

Oh great, now I'm one of those moms. You know, the mom that other moms hear about, and immediately think...

1. They're not watching their kids closely enough -- how else could a kid have enough time to cut their own hair off?


2. Why is that mom letting her five year old play with scissors?

Why must we judge each other like that? But then again, I totally judged myself when my kid came walking into my office with half of her hair layered like Tina Turner's.

Oh God. I mean...ummm, uhhhhh, errrr, Ava what did you DO?

I think my jaw dropped to the floor and, after seeing my face, Ava gave me a look like "oh shit, I fucked UP."

But, instead of trying to explain to Ava who Tina Turner was, I told her something instead that I knew would freak the crap out of her -- enough so, in fact, that she would never do that again.

I told her that, if she cut her own hair, she'd have BOY hair. Ewwwwwwwww. (Cackle!) Her eyes got very wide, her lip started to quiver, and she almost started crying. Almost. I had to choke down my giggle, which came out more like a snort.

Is that bad? Am I a bad mom for traumatizing my daughter by telling her that she'll look like a boy? Boys aren't bad -- I have one that I love dearly. But if you understood my daughter, who is a total girly-girl (which is shocking to me -- I always envisioned myself with a tomboy daughter...), that telling her she'll have boy hair is MUCH more effective than showing her a picture of Tina Turner in Mad Max.

We parents have to find what works best for our family, right?


Vegas Linda Lou said...

You did the right thing. Girly girls are scared shitless of seemly even the slightest bit boyish.

I wish I thought of that 28 years ago when Courtney cut her own bangs. She still does--as do I--but now we know that the perfect time to cut your own bangs is sometime during your third beer. Little Ava's still too young for that motherly wisdom, so boy hair is the way to go for now.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Love it! LMAO. Boy hair. Eww. Emma cried for like an hour because she thought the hairdresser cut her bangs slightly too short. I'm sure she'll never go after her own hair with scissors.

Lizzie said...

yup. done that. when i was little i cut off 1 pigtail. my mom was pissed! so she cut the other one off. i looked like shit. won't do that again! :)

Jules said...
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Jules said...

I chopped my little sister's hair when we were kids. It was worse than Tina Turners hair. And looking back, it was so FUN! I got in trouble for it, but my mom blamed herself for leaving the scissors out. Oh mothers, we need to cut ourselves more slack. It's a good memory for everyone. I'm sure you'll both be laughing about this in the future :)

TTownDiva said...

Don't worry Tasha. We all have done it at some point. I know Tiffany and I both did.

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