Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OMG It's Baseball Dude!

Holy crap, you guys! I just had to share this with you --I finally was on the same field as Baseball Dude last weekend...teehee!

If you haven't read about Baseball Dude yet, GO READ NOW! It's hella funny and you'll see why I'm being so evil here.

The Hubs has been helping coach our son's team (again) this year, bless his little heart. Last Saturday at our son's baseball game, while I was sitting in my little folding chair with the other moms minding my own business, The Hubs tip toed up to me and whispered "there's Baseball Dude at 3 o'clock!"

Holy shit...really?! I learned Baseball Dude's son was on the opposing team (which had the strongest players in our boys' entire age group....I WONDER how that happened hymmmmmmm).

So I briefly pondered on how to proceed.

Should I go up to him and introduce myself?

Strut up and call him an ass wipe and walk away?

Throw rocks at him?

Accidentally wipe my boogers on him?

Or just secretly take his picture with my phone, post it to my blog and make fun of his sorry ass?

Ding ding we have a winner.

And so ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Baseball Dude, the biggest douchebag I have come across since I moved to Philly.  He's in the black shirt behind the guy in white....

Will I ever see him again? Maybe. And who knows if he knows who we are, but who cares? I got my picture and my blog post, and now I'm happy. So tell me, what would you have done if you were 50 feet away from Baseball Dude?


Jill said...

You did exactly what I would have done.

Gina said...

Anyway you can make Baseball Dude's email an alias for Boardsmail for a few hours? (which I know is handled differently now, but THAT would be funny)

JenB said...

I would have "accidentally" spilled someone's chew spit cup all over him. TURD!!!

Jeanna said...

I'd have done exactly what you did. That's so awesome! He even looks like a douchebag!

Lys said...

He does look like a douche! When I first saw the email I started to pray "Please don't let this be someone at the 9to9" and then I read the prior post. Thankfully it isn't and this guy has serious serious issues! What a jerk!!! Can I whap him with my stiletto?

PorkStar said...

OMFG the dude has abandonment issues. Asking to be removed from a DL is odd? what? He clearly has an issue with people saying no to him.

What an idiot, but what you and your husband did on the email was good and diplomatic, you are on your right to get yourselves removed and he didnt have any to refute your decision.

The dude looks familiar, I went to a nudist resort with the exwife one time and we came across this dude with a very, very small penis. And yes, i know you blurred the face but still, I think it's him lmao.

Good post.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Hahaha. Thanks for sharing that.

KT said...

Love you for calling him out!

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