Friday, April 1, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis? Maybe.

The Hubs has been encouraging our boy, Jack, to try out skateboarding. He bought him a decent board, helmet, pads and told him to go to town. Amazingly, Jack is getting pretty good at it! This is the first sport-ish thing that we think Jack genuinly enjoys doing (he's been in baseball for a few years but, The Hubs always coaches which I think just pisses Jack off more than anything heehee). I'm very lucky to have a husband that wants to be extremely involved in our children's lives. Maybe a little *too* involved. You'll see what I mean in a mintue... The Hubs has been taking Jack to the "skate park" for a few weeks -- it's an indoor arena with half-pipes, ledges and everything else a skater would want. The best part is they have a session specifically reserved for smaller kids -- so they dont get run over by those crazy teenagers. Brilliant!

Anyway, so last weekend they went to this skate park and... The Hubs came home with little souvenier. Want to guess what it was?

Yep, his very own skateboard. Bless his heart.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: You bought what?

Hubs: (Giggles) Yep! Don't you like it?! Isn't it bitchin!?

Me: Oh lord. You just said bitchin. How much was it?

Hubs: Only a few bucks.

Me: How many bucks?

Hubs: Only 150 or so.

Me: (swallows - this is where I need to just shut my mouth and not give him the wife lecture) Ummmm, ok. You're going to break your legs, honey! How long has it been since you've been on a board?

Hubs: (laughs) This is my way of getting involved! I needed something to do while Jack skates.

Me: Uh huh. I'm not taking you to the emergency room when you break a bone, by the way.

So yes, my 40-year-old husband just bought himself a skateboard. Rock on.

Mid-life crisis? Maybe. But, as one of my friends said, at least it's not a 22-year old woman...

Or a condo in Alaska.

Or a Corvette.

Isn't he cute?


Mrs. Jeremy said...

Scateboard: $150, ER visit: $3000, getting to say ' I told you so': priceless.

melissa said...

Probably better than a BMX bike! I think you need to pick him up some bitchin' skater clothes.

Lys said...

*ROFLMAO* @Mrs. Jeremy - SO TRUE!

Tasha - do you want me to send over a bottle of wine? I think you might need it!

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

awww men and their hopefulness of youth... tell him you can skate board on Wii now lol!!

JenB said...

Been there, done that, bought the corvette for the husband's mid-life crisis. Trust me, 150 bucks is much cheaper. :)

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