Tuesday, April 19, 2011


How long has it been since I've been here? Awhile, I know. And, in typical housewife fashion, I'm using the busy excuse. But hey, at least I can show you all the things I've been busy with.

I took my kid ice skating for the first time...and, let me tell ya, I was one (ridiculous) stressed out mama. Jack did great and, by the end of the birthday party, he had two bruised knees and could wobble his way around the rink. But it was cold and I kept waiting for him to fall down and break his leg...or something. But then I just had to keep reminding myself that I spent my entire childhood racing around the rollerskating rink and I'm still Jack would most likely make it out, too. Christ, I'm getting to be such a worry wart in my old age. Did I mention I'm turning 34 this summer? (swallow)

Proudly, I was again asked to cover the Walk/Run Race for the Philadelphia Red Cross this year. It was a fun morning and I even jogged the race along with everyone else! I got some great action shots and, truly, the participants are SO amazing, SO friendly and SO fun. I love this event and I am starting to adore the Red Cross. If you want to see the complete album and all of my pictures, you can visit the Philly Red Cross Walk/Run 2011 Flickr page.

My kids had their first sleepover and did fantastic! I have a friend here that has a son and daughter the same ages as my it's REALLY nice for us moms. We've traded off and plan to do it again. Kind of bizarre to me that I've made it to this stage! I've made it. I also registered my *baby* for kindergarten this fall. Wow. Such a surreal feeling. Bittersweet, but a good feeling. Phew!

I also did a small project for a dear friend's daughter in Denver, CO. She created a little doll for school and sent it to me with the request to take this doll around to places I see and take pictures of her there (reminded me of the garden gnome that you steal from some one's yard...) and then send her back with those pictures. Anyway, I think she will be pleased -- I took her to the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin's grave, Independence Hall and to Ava's first sleepover. It was fun and even The Hubs enjoyed helping me!

On a personal note, I'm still feeling pretty damn lonely. I have a close friend here now (and she's from imagine that), thank god, but she is moving away soon. It's so strange...I am happier than I've ever been as far as life goes...I have an amazing, devoted, very successful husband, two healthy kiddos, a great house, a pretty cool job, and a relatively easy life that I worked hard to complaints here. But I'm lonelier than I've ever been. It's hard to balance those crazy emotions; but the wonderful things in my life are definitely keeping me going. I'm just trying to hold onto that 30-something perspective I now possess and remember that I will eventually have some gal pals here. Anyone want to hang out?

Anyway! That's it for now. Thanks to everyone who continues to read this crazy blog of mine.

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