Sunday, March 27, 2011

Zilch Cocktail Mixers

The lovely ladies over at Zilch Mixers sent me some samples of this brilliant product and I am happy to help them spread the word. Like many housewives, I love my 5pm cocktail but, when I'm watching what I eat in order to keep my backside from getting any bigger, drinking takes a backseat. Did you know that the average margarita has 550 calories?


So I have a secret, ladies...I've discovered a drink mix that has ZERO calories and ZERO sugar. Can you guess what it is!?

Zilch is sweetened using a tiny amount of aspartame. Did you know a can of diet soda contains five times the amount of aspartame as one Zilch margarita? This mixer is simple to make; just add water and your favorite tequila. And even better, the margaritas I made for myself (yes, I had more than one heehee) were really good....and seriously, I'm not just saying that. This mix is so good, I'd drink it even without the tequila! Even The Hubs liked them. And when a cocktail is guilt-free (meaning I'm not feeling my ass getting bigger each time I take a sip), the drink tastes even better. YUM!

So, thank you, Zilch, for making my nights a little more fun...and my backside a little smaller!

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Lys said...

Good to know - never thought that they had "light" cocktail mixes :)

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