Thursday, February 24, 2011

My excuses and upcoming events -- come lookie!

I appreciate those of you who continually check my blog for new posts and, to be honest, you damn people just make me feel more guilty. But I mean that in a loving way.

Not to beat a dead horse but, I've been busy. I spent an amazing weekend with some of my best gal pals in Annapolis, Maryland last weekend -- these chicks and I have 27 years of friendship under our belts. We grew up like sisters and we hadn't been together since 2004, so this was a long time comin. It was awesome...just to give you a of us bought a $1000 bling bling necklace (sober hehe!) while browsing the shops and, on our first night together, we took down 5+ bottles of wine. Did I mention there were only three of us?

Also, I need to give you the fun (and very french) update on our BFFs from France. I have pictures, stories and even a new video heehee! So stay tuned for that -- I think it will make you laugh and I'll show you a bit more of Philly.

So the most exciting part for me is that The Red Ball is in a week. A WEEK! I am so excited I might pee my pants if I think about it too much. Last year's event was in-freakin-credible, and I expect this year's to be even better. I promise to give you a full review -- with the gossip, the people, the dresses and, most of all, the FOOD. Stay tuned, bitches, because this is gonna be good. I'm still shopping for just the right dress...with lots of cleavage, hopefully. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Vin Diesel and Kevin Navayne will be mingling among the guests? Swoon! Uh huh. Maybe I'll have the balls to accidentally bump into one of them?

Are you in Philly and want to experience an incredible event for a good cause? Visit for tickets. Hopefully I'll see you there...(and seriously, if you go, find me for a picture!).

ALSO! I still have some amazing Tupperware to give away thanks to my fabulous and gorgeous sister-in-law, Susan. You will use what I have to give away Promise.

Soooooo, as you can see, I have lots of shit to talk about. If someone hires me a nanny and a chef, I'd be writing the shit out of this blog every day. Any volunteers?

Stay tuned and I SO SO SO appreciate your continued support! :) (Did I mention that both my kids will be in school full time come this fall? Which means more time to write!)


dirtyduck said...

Vin Dissel you say? i think i like any guy with a shaved head:)

that is quite a long time to go without hanging with bfs, glad you had a blast and goodluck finding the perfect dress!

Nicole said...

I'll come be your chef for a week. I dont think the kids will appreciate me playing nanny!

Did YOU buy the necklace?!?!?

Lys said...

Wish I was headed to the Red Ball but I'm still staving off the plague from traveling to SOBE! Can't wait to hear the recap!

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