Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Philly Pictures of the Week

I love the look of admiration she has here. Don't you love the cake?

I have recently discovered a new favorite beer; it's called Yards Tavern Ale. It is based off Thomas Jefferson's (yes, the president lol) original recipe and it's YUMMO. It has a pretty high alcohol content, too, so you really only need one....wink wink.

I took this picture riding on the subway (a very scary and smelly place, btw) with The Hubs on the way to an Eagles game a few months ago, with lots of Philly-ish looking men along for the same ride. I think I was the only chick on the train and, at the game, the man-to-woman ratio was about 10-to-one. What? Ladies don't like Eagles games? It was kind of strange. There was one woman who was screaming (cheering?) her lungs out a few rows up from us, but she sounded like an 80-year old, very angry person who smoked too many cigarettes. The Hubs even whispered in my ear "imagine if that was your mom's voice..." Um, yikes. Funny though that the first thing The Hubs and I think of when we hear a loud, obnoxious female voice is our mothers. Is that supposed to mean something? Hymmmmm.

I took this at Reading Terminal Market while I was walking the aisles with my mom. I doubt you'd ever seen a sign like this in the West. Hehe. She and I even bumped into a very obvious scammer trying to say he was from out of town and needed train money. Part of his quip was "no one's nice here!" You got that right, buddy! Now buzz off and go scam someone else -- I may not look like I'm from Philly, but I can tell someone to fuck off with the best of them. I think I look pretty tough doing it, too, because no one's tried to start a fight with me yet. Yuk yuk yuk! (That's not an invitation, btw, lol)


Unknown said...

Nice read,thanks for shared.

Lys said...

Love the cake and her expression is classic! Somehow seeing that sign does not surprise me at RTM. Will have to check out that beer as well.

Reanaclaire said...

hello..coming by to visit your blog.. nice one here...

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