Thursday, January 13, 2011

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

Since I'm taking a semi-break from The Housewife Diaries (yea, I just decided this but not to fear, I'll return soon), I thought I'd give you some more music that I'm embarrassed to love!

This week's theme? Sappy ballads!

Aww, come on -- everyone loves a sweet love song. Especially one sung by a man with a mullet! Yesssssss.

This first song I absolutely adore. The Hubs says this song is "for pussies." You know my answer to that?

Me: "I would totally make out with you to this song..."

The Hubs: "Um, I mean I LIKE this song. This song is awesome. This is my favorite song..."

Me: "Uh huh. I thought so."

This is one of those songs that I crank up and sing at the top of my lungs and remember the days of couple skating at the roller rink....

I'll Be Over You by Toto, circa 1986
(and remember Michael McDonald has a teensy cameo in the song!)

Hard Habit to Break by Chicago, 1984
Ok, this one I'm REALLY embarrassed to love...but I do. I know all the words and it's another one I will turn way up and sing along to (but only if no one's around and the car's windows are rolled up). This is another one that The Hubs would say "turn this crap off." I totally disagree with him -- I think Richard Marx is a brilliant song writer. Just sayin!
Now and Forever by Richard Marx, 1994

And to finish off the night, I'd like to add another "man with a mullet" tune. But one of my favorite artists I'm embarrassed to love.
Meet Me Halfway by Kenny Loggins, 1987


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Get some help.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You think you have problems, I also like classical music and know practically no one else who does! Since in general, I love all kinds of music except Rap, it is extremely easy to find someone to berate me for some piece of music! I prefer to think that enjoying a wide variety of music means I'm more intelligent and open to beauty in the world. That's my story, and i'm sticking to it! Oh, I bet The Hub's favorite romantic song is Queen's, We Will Rock You!" TC Don

Anonymous said...

Separate Item! I just wanted to say it's about damn time you got off your butt and wrote something! What in the hell did you expect us to do for entertainment while you were letting dust collect on your boobs? And NO, we are not giving you a raise! TC Don

Unknown said...

The song is beauty.

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