Monday, December 13, 2010

Suck It Monday! OK, I Take That Back....

I was saving this for a Suck It Sunday but, after this afternoon I decided to retract the Suck It. Here's what happened...

My home address is strange. I could use three different cities -- and any one of them might work. I could use two different zip codes. On top of that, my house doesn't have a mailbox -- we have a PO Box. Evidently our neighborhood doesn't like the look of mailboxes.

Seriously. (Can you hear my eyes rolling?)

Anyway, I've been doing a bunch of Christmas shopping online this year because there's no effin way I could hit the malls and get my shopping all done with everything I have on my plate this season. I'm certainly not complaining -- mostly I enjoy being busy. But when I think of the malls at Christmas time, with two kids in tow, who like to fight with each other at every opportunity...(shudder)...yea, not going there. I'd rather go get a root canal. That's more "me time" than the mall.

(BTW, I know someone who gets a pedicure WHILE she gets her teeth cleaned. How brilz is that? Hello dentists?! Want to draw more customers? Hire a nail tech. Just sayin.) doesn't like two out of the three cities I use, and so I just click the one it recommends when ordering....which happens to be the incorrect city, according to the postal service. But hell, if Amazon wont accept the other two, then I'm going with what it says. I'm not proud to say that I trust Amazon more than I trust my local postal service but, sadly, it's true.

Since I'm using the incorrect address (although I couldn't get packages shipped any other way), the mailman came to my door this week to scold me and let me know how stupid I am for using the wrong city. This is kind of how it went...

Me: Oh hello! Thanks for delivering! (this is where he doesn't say hello back but just stands there glaring at me). Umm, yes? Do I need to sign something?

Postal Dude: You're using the wrong city. You're not ___, you're ____.

Me: But, but....I tried that city and the online shippers dont accept my address!

Postal Dude: I do not deliver to this___ city. I am doing this for free....I dont work by the hour! I work by box! I am not in your city!

This is where I start to put up my emotional wall. I'm frustrated, so I try to explain that I attempted to put the correct address, but it wouldn't accept it.

Postal Dude: You need to get a box!

Me: But the websites wont accept the address.

Postal Dude: I do this for free! I dont have to do this -- I should return this to sender.

Ok, let's stop here. I am frustrated. He is frustrated. Ava is there at the door with me, pulling at my shirt asking what's in the package we're arguing about. I change my strategy...

Me: I dont know what else to do....I will try to figure this out so you dont have to come here anymore. I will leave you a big Christmas tip next time you come. I will call the post office. I'm just ordering presents children. My kids can't get presents without this!

Here I realize I'm being a bit dramatic but, daym, I'm feeling idiotic (are the neighbors watching this?) and dont know how to fix it. I'm kind of in shock that this mailman is still standing on my front porch, continuing to argue with me. It's been about 15 mintues since he arrived.

As soon as I mention my kids...the tears start to well up. Shit. I dont need any tears right now. But alas, they come anyway. I'm not sobbing, but it's obvious to him that my voice is starting to quiver. He continues to argue, but I step back and tell him that I really, really appreciate him delivering to my home when he isn't paid to (and I am) and slam the door in his face.

Thank you, I'm really grateful....thank you....SLAM! Heehee. I dont need to go balling to the mailman for Christ sake.

Then, I sob to myself a bit and then remember to breathe. It's just a fucking package, Tasha. Get over it. There are people all over who can't afford presents at all.

I suck it up, and decide to give him that big tip. Although he argued with me, he is delivering without the pay.

Yesterday, he rang the bell again and I didn't answer -- for fear that I would get another delivery, and another lecture.

Today he came by again, only this time he didn't ring the bell. He simply left my package, with the incorrect city on it again, with a card that said:

I apologize for the misunderstanding about the packages. I will continue to deliver your packages at the house. Happy holidays!

Then he signed his name -- his first AND last name.

*Sigh* It really warmed my heart. It reminded me that the holidays are not about packages, or correct city names, or presents that my kids may or may not get. It's about the spirit of the season, showing kindness to others, and appreciating what I already have.

And so, I don't want to tell my (not!) mailman to Suck It, I want to tell him THANK YOU for taking extra time to come to my house...and thank him for his patience and graciousness. It didn't go unnoticed.


Matt said...

If he does it again, I am kicking his ass. DH

Farmers Wifey said...

I'm liking your style..I'm now stalking you from Australia on Twitter and following your blog..oh I voted for you on Babble too..can you return the favour..kisses in advance!!

Page 1 under Farmers Wifey xx

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Awww :( Sniff, sniff. I started welling up at the mention of kid's packages too. We are such saps.

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