Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busy Head Days

Do you ever have busy head days?

You know, one of those days where you're not necessarily running lots of errands or have a big to-do list but, more like you have a lot on your mind and your brain is whirring like crazy?

So your brain does a pretty good job at processing all those thoughts until around 4pm, when it decides it's had enough and just sort of shuts down on you?

Your husband could say this to you: Honey, I'm hungry...when's dinner?

But your brain translates it to: Beh boobe bobleh bitboo billbah?

I'm sorry...what? My husband might as well be speaking Japanese.

I had one of those yesterday. I love being a wife and a mom, but sometimes having the weight of taking care of the husband and kids, working a full-time job, trying to keep up with the family calendar, activities and laundry, doctor's appointments, dinners, sibling fights etc. can take a toll on my brain. I call those Busy Head Days.

I work really hard to stay in the moment, and stay alert to what I'm doing (driving? ok don't run over the curb...) and stay on top of what's going on around me. (Didn't I have something going on this week? Oh yea...I have guests coming for a visit. Crap!)

But it's nice, after the kids have gone to bed and the day's work is done, when I can put on my fuzzy PJs with stars (and a stain on the boob - sexy, I know), lay in bed....and just stare at the wall.

You ever have those "I just want to freakin lay down and stare at the wall" nights?

Feels good, doesn't it? I love it when I get to do that.

Sorry honey, I'm not going to stay up for dessert with you. I'm going to go stare at the wall....

I think every mom should be allowed at least one stare-at-the-wall nights a week, don't you? Maybe we could start a club. I'll bring the appetisers and wine, we can speak Japanese to each other for awhile and then stare at the wall together.

Sounds awesome, right? Who's in?!


AMY said...

Hey that was my Tuesday too! Way busy, with a million things to do and remember!
My brain was fried by 6pm.

Then my husband gave me an early Christmas present and everything was all better! I got a new Canon camera :)

But I do relate!

KT said...

I'm in. I love a good wall staring session.

Katie said...

I know the feeling all too well!! I seem to forget something huge once a week these days: "Oh, preschool tuition was due last week? My bad!", or, "I was supposed to be at work early today for a meeting? Ahhhh shit, sorry!"

Mrs. Jeremy said...

I am f-ing awesome at staring at walls.

Katey said...

I would like to be allowed two whole days a week where I can stare at a wall. Please.

PorkStar said...

lol nice post and sorry to hear about the busy days ahead. I've had some of those, although as a male and kidless. When I was married, I know the exwife had those moments too, and before I got my head chewed off, i went and got my own food instead. : )

Grace Matthews said...

That sounds fantastic!!!!

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

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