Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm the Slave Driver!

Want to know what one of the best things about my kids getting older is?


Along with a few other things like being able to dress themselves and wipe their own butts, CHORES are one of the Best.Freakin.Parts. about being a parent right now.

Sure, chores sucked when I was a kid -- I had to dust the house, vacuum, clean the bathroom and do the dishes every night. I felt like a slave! Oh moooommmm, can't I just SKIP it this week? My mom would pretty much tell me to shut up and get to work.

But's MY turn to be the slave driver. Yessssss.

Ava is still learning - she thinks that throwing herself on the floor and screaming is going to get her out of it. She hasn't figured out that her mom is the slave drivahhh! Um yea, that Satan act ain't gonna work around here, girlfriend. I just tell her if she doesn't clean her room, she has to move out. That's worked so far, but I'm brainstorming notes on what I'll tell her when she figures that she doesn't have to pack up her room and live in the backyard.

Jack, on the other hand, is pretty good about chores. Oh god, did I just jinx myself? He (amazingly) doesn't mind cleaning. You should see his room -- it's perfectly organized, always picked up, and everything is in its place. He's been like that since birth. I don't know where it comes from -- he didn't get it from me, and The Hubs isn't OCD about cleanliness, either. I think it's just Jack. I'm not complaining. I tell him every Sunday when "it's time" and, if I'm lucky, he'll just say "ok" and go to it. I pay him a dollar a job.

What I enjoy the most about chores? That I don't have to clean the whole freakin house by myself anymore. Whooo! The Hubs helps out on Sundays, too, so sometimes I will just stand there and listen to the rest of the oh my's not me doing it? I have help?

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing my kids to grow up to the age where they can wipe their own asses and clean their rooms. God is great.



Nicole said...

LMAO I hear ya. It's sooo nice when they help out and it takes an hour for all of you to clean instead of the whole damn day for just mom to do it! Amen. Glad to hear you are feeling a little less stressed :) love ya!

Unknown said...

Hello I'm a few google friend :D I have 3 little boys and trust me I feel for you.. yet I cannot get them to do a dame thing. I love the way you write and just makes me laugh because there is actually another person out their who thinks like me wow... Try every time i go into the bathroom and i only have one there is never ever a moment that PEE is not on the seat around the toilet and floor sooo grosss LOL. They must love it
check me out

Unknown said...

okay dooouuuhh i meant new see what I mean.. ahhhhhh

Closer to Lucy said...

I like chores and would be more excited about them if the attitude of the man-child didn't suck so bad while doing them...pisses me off.

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