Sunday, November 14, 2010

Conversations With Ava

Ava: "Mom, can I have one of those burrito crackers?"

Me: "What?"

Ava: "Moooommmmm! You know? Those crackers....the burrito crackers."

Me: "Ummmm...." But in my head I'm thinking what the hell are you talking about, child? What the hell is a burrito cracker? I'm quickly scanning my thoughts, trying to come up with what she means

Ava: "Will it have a letter in it, too?"

Me: "Show me what you mean. Do you know where the (snicker) burrito crackers are?"

Ava nods and walks me to the kitchen. She goes to the pantry and ....

Me: "Ohhhhh, a fortune cookie?"

Ava nods in agreement. "That's what I said, mom! A burrito cracker with a letter in it."

Gotcha. Of course. A burrito cracker. How could I have missed that one?


dirtyduck said...


Lys said...

Things kids say! I'm going to always think of fortune cookies as "burrito crackers" now - Ava is just adorable!

AMY said...

That is adorable! Hahaha she's a cutie!

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