Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Philly Fall Season

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Fall season here in Philly. Even Denver (where I grew up) doesn't have a regular Fall -- usually it's warm, and then it snows and all the leaves are gone. And then it's 80 the next day. And then it snows again. There's no real middle. Anyone who's lived in Denver knows how erratic the weather can be. You can thank the Rocky Mountains for that.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about my first Autumn in Philly.
This first thing isn't really "Autumn" related, but it's a popular treat among the Philly folk. Recognize it? To me, it looks like a piece of pizza that someone forgot to put cheese on. Um, nope. It's not supposed to have's called tomato pie. Ok, it might have a little sprinkle of Parmesan on it but, seriously, the cheese is the BEST part of a pizza pie -- in my very humble opinion. Obviously not everyone agrees. Sometimes people here won't even add in the "tomato" part when they mention it -- they'll just call it a "pie".

Pie, to me, has sugar and apples or cherries and preferably vanilla ice cream on it.


My girlfriend recently offered me some of her pie to take home after a party (the tomato kind lol). I like to call it "sauce pie"... my son Jack thinks that's funny...because that's what it is, right?
Ava loves sauce pie, but then she eats almost anything. I had a slice. It was pretty good. I could taste the Parmesan, which was nice. The absent cheese made the flavor of the sauce come out, and luckily, it was a delicious sauce. And so, I learned about tomato pie after moving to Philly. Do they have tomato pie in the West?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my kids and I really appreciate the colors changing in the leaves. Living in Vegas, my kids never had the oportunity to play in fall leaves.

Here they are above on a warm, weekday evening playing together - and they never - ever - play together, so this is good stuff, people!

The boy wants to be a ninja and, since my girl is still young enough to allow me to pick her Halloween costumes (evil laugh), I asked her if she'd like to be a Broncos cheerleader. It took a little convincing but, once she saw the costume, she happily obliged my request. How cute are they? Cant wait to take them trick-or-treating! I might even sneak a Margarita into a plastic cup while we walk. Moms need to have some fun, too -- just don't tell my neighbors. Tee hee!

Speaking of the Broncos...their last game was the biggest embarrassment of the year. I'm almost positive some neighbors will be reminding us of that game when they see the girl's Broncos costume. Maybe I'll bring some eggs in my pocket, just in case.

I had to show you this picture -- it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Ava is in that weird stage where she will smile all day long, but once I put a friggin camera in front of her face and tell her to smile, she turns into psycho-I-want-to-eat-your-brains-and-I-forgot-how-to-smile-for-real face. Gotta love it. Even SHE laughed at the picture. "Mom, what am I DOING?!"

You got me, girlfriend!


Mrs. Jeremy said...

What are all those colored leave in the pic with the kids? does your tree have some sort of disease? Ah, fall...almost forgot what it looks like...

TTownDiva said...

Love the pictures. We miss you guys so much.

dirtyduck said...

hey hey dont knock that tomato pie! its the vegan version:) i had no idea that philly was so veg friendly:) lol

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