Friday, October 15, 2010

My Month In Pictures

Fall is finally upon us! I have to keep reminding myself that we haven't experienced a fall "season" in six years -- since before we moved to Las Vegas in 2003. The trees are stunning! This one's in my backyard.
A picture from one of the freelance jobs I did last weekend. Take note, ladies. Chunky rings are IN right now!

Go Phillies! (see the flag?) Yes, I admit it. I think I'm becoming a Phillies fan. You won't ever see me rooting for the Eagles, though. Just sayin.

The Hubs enjoying the balcony on our first morning of the cruise. More on that later...

My boy, Jack, just got his first real camera. Here's one of his "test" shots. Ava's got food in her mouth and I am shiny and broken out after a long day of being mom. This is my life 99% of the time, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It doesn't make for very pretty pictures, though.

The Hubs took Jack to a Phillies game a few weeks ago and they had seats right behind the visiting team's dugout. They managed to catch FOUR foul balls. How they did that, I will never know. They gave one ball away and came home with three. The kid doesn't even know how lucky he is!

One morning a few weeks ago I was sitting in my kitchen, having coffee, with the screen door open. I kept hearing this funny sound...tap tap tap! What is that? Tap tap tap! It was feet -- lots of them. Running right by my house: a local 5 & 10k race, and the route was my street! So the kids and I grabbed our shoes and ran out to clap them our pajamas. It was a fun morning and I think the runners appreciated it, too -- we got a lot of friendly waves and smiles from them (which is kinda unusual for Philly folk lol). Maybe one day I'll do another one of those races myself...


Wendy said...

I miss the bright colors of fall from up north. Things are pretty drab down here :(

Looks like you're having a great month so far! (Other than finding out you have the Devil's spawn in your house LOL)

Unknown said...

"Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Beautiful pics!! Miss you!

junglemama said...

We still haven't seen the colors of fall here in Ca. Love the pics!

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