Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sun, The Beach & The Waves Are Calling...

My husband and I are off to enjoy the sun, the sand, the surf...and the pina coladas. Can't wait to get on the plane!!! I've been watching youtube videos all day and listening to reggae music, just to get myself in the mood.

Oh, and dont try to come and TP my house while I'm gone. My sister is staying here and she's 6'3" and in the best shape of her life...what does that mean? She'll chase you down and kick your ass.
*wink wink!*

Here's one of my favorite videos I came across. Enjoy your week and see on the the flip side, bitches!


Wendy said...

Have an AWESOME time!!!

KT said...

Have fun. While my ex-husband was out of town this past week I put my downed tree limbs from our storms here in his yard. That's how I roll.

KT said...

PS- I love to TP people. But I'm scared of getting arrested so usually just tp my own yard.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Miss you bitches! Hope you have too much fun!

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