Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

So this is an oldie, but I still hear it on Pandora fairly often. The lyrics have always intrigued me...and I assumed that they were written during a period when nuclear war was a daily fear Americans possessed (the 60s-80s?). I still remember my mother telling me as a child about how a 'nuke' may drop, and what to do if it happened.

Yikes. (Remind me to tell you about the 'end of the world' sirens they have here in Philly - scary)

But then I watched the video and, um, WTF? I guess it's about war? A father from the future, warning his son about a bomb...and then teleporting him to the future?

What the fuck is this? The Terminator? Where's Sarah Conner?

Anyway, the song still rocks. And so does Mike and the Mechanics. Even The Hubs likes this song...

"Silent Running" by Mike and the Mechanics


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Nicole said...

LOL I've never seen that video or maybe I blocked it as a kid! I still love that song :)

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