Friday, September 3, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Yesterday, I was working on the computer as usual, and I kept hearing this kept playing...I think I recognize that song? Hym, maybe the neighbors are playing it? I do have the window open.

An hour goes by....

Daym, there it is again! Are the kids listening to something in the other room? (getting up to check) No....

Oh shit.

I have Pandora playing on my computer and I forgot I'd opened it. Nice, Tasha. Real smart. I'm too dumb to realize when I'm playing music on my own effing computer.

Yes, this really happened.


The kids are upstairs right now, and they sound like they're killing each other:

Bump! Screaming. Some crying. One of them saying "Sorry! I'm sorry! Dont tell mom!"

Another bump. Some running across the floor above me. Door slams. More screaming. More running. More thumping. More screaming.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Do I care what they're doing?



My girlfriend (aka one of the Wolf Pack's founding members) and her husband are going on the surprise birthday cruise extravaganza with The Hubs and me later this month. I was on the phone with her last night and we were chatting about the trip, the food, the activities we wanted to do and the rooms we had booked.

Did I mention I booked a Penthouse Grand Suite? Heehee.

Anyway, so we're discussing the fancy rooms, and the fanciest room on the boat - the "owner's suite" got brought up. We were looking at pictures of it, and my girlfriend tells me she had showed her husband this room, hoping he'd want the upgrade. The suite was lovely; plants, marble, lots of space, views from both side of the ship....

You know what her husband's only comment was about the Owner's Suite pictures?

"Honey, did you see that they have mirrors on the ceiling over the bed??!!"

Men, I tell ya. We're taking an incredible vacation, and they have only one thing on their mind. Uh huh. Gotta love the husbands.

She didn't convince her husband to upgrade, but I can guess what they'll be doin when we get on the boat. (Cue porn music...)


Nicole said...

LOL I'm so excited for you guys! Cant wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video of you surprising you husband and I caught myself smiling and getting all excited, ha. I even clapped at the end, I was REALLY excited for you guys!

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. You're pretty much a Goddess to me and to have a Goddess comment on MY blog makes me very happy. No one ever comments so I'm always surprised to see anything but 0 for the number of comments!

Closer to Lucy said...

Love the video! I'll be traveling vicariously through you please make sure we have a good time!

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