Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Colorado Family Reunion

I just returned from a Colorado family reunion / 60th birthday celebration for my mom. We stayed at a 100-year-old hotel in a small mountain town about 3 hours from Denver. The town hosts a natural hot springs pool, and we soaked our bodies in its sulfur waters for two whole days. It was a fabulous trip - if you've never smelled the air inside the Colorado Rockies, you should add it to your bucket list. There's nothing like the smell of millions of pine trees at 7,000 feet. I wish we could have stayed longer. *sigh* I feel like a very lucky girl to be able to call Colorado my home state.
Here's a few pictures from my trip:

Glenwood Springs pool - this water comes directly from underneath the ground, naturally warmed by the Earth. It's like swimming in a big bathtub!

Here is my son, Jack (see the little guy in the back?), and The Hubs (next to him) rafting on the Colorado River. You can see from their faces that they had a blast, but I was a little hesitant to allow Jack to go at all. And, after seeing what kind of rapids they went through, I'm glad I didn't know how big they'd be beforehand because I would have said NO way. At least Jack has a lifejacket on but...still. No seatbelt to keep him in the raft? Couldn't we have super-glued his ass to the seat or something? Jack could have flown right into the river!
But a mom has to let go sometimes, right?

Here's Jack and Ava plugging their noses from the stinky smell of sulfur coming out of the water behind them. If you've never smelled sulfur water - it smells like rotten eggs. This water came up to the surface from under our feet and was boiling like a big pot of spaghetti. Such a cute picture!

It was nice to hang out with my baby brother for a few days. Funny how we still tease each other for the crazy things we did as kids. My brother loves to remind me about how I told him once that he'd die if he swallowed his gum (I think I was ten and he was three?)...or the time I had to get a raisin out of his nose with a toothpick because it had gotten stuck up there. Good times.
On our last night there, we all had dinner together (16 of us!) and I surprised my mom with a big, chocolate birthday cake. It's not every day that your mom turns 60! It was a weekend that will stay in my memories for many years to come.
I think the reuinion and birthday party were a success; no one killed each other, got arrested or injured and everyone had a good time. And for those who know my family, that's pretty damn good. Who could ask for more?


KT said...

1) How gorgeous do you look in these pictures?
2) Not getting arrested is always a plus!
3) I was lucky enough to go to Colorado once for a weekend. Well worth the long trip to get there, even for a weekend. Damn Denver. So gorgeous!
4) Email me- if you want to. I went to hs with a girl who who is a columnist for the Philly paper. She and I were wrote for our hs paper together and of the two of us, she is the one who was smart enough to make a living out of it. Ultra cool girl, and a transplant like you are! AND she has no problems being outspoken!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

My kid would have been dying to go on that raft. Looks like fun!! Good mommy for letting him go :)

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