Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

Some of my oldest music memories are of sitting in my room listening to this Journey album. I had the tape! I wanted to share my favorite song on the record with you. To me, Journey is not a band to be embarrassed about, but some of my girlfriends are, in fact, embarrassed to love their songs. Silly girls!

Some of the other tapes I remember listening to at the time were Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet (another embarrassing song choice!), Duran Duran and Michael Jackson's Thriller - I actually had the know, that big, black, round floppy thing that you had to play with a little needle?

And so, this song is dedicated to all my girls out there...who still rock to Journey...when they're alone in the car...with the windows rolled up. :) Go ahead and sing along. I won't tell anyone!

"Send Her My Love" by Journey, circa 1983


Nicole said...

LOL I love that song!

Anonymous said...

I love Journey and I love records. I still have a bunch of records. I belive some are Journey :)

KT said...

My dirty little secret is Hall and Oates. You make my dreams come true.

Closer to Lucy said...

My mama loved Journey,drove me crazy as a kid. Now it brings tears to my eyes to listen to it.

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