Thursday, July 8, 2010

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

I don't know a woman over 30 that doesn't love Heart. Anne and Nancy showed all of us that we could rock as hard as the dumb boys - and look hot doing it.

Lucky for me, I had to opportunity to see Heart live at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay a few years ago. It was a great show - I was right up against the stage, and my girlfriend and I were invited by some of the "crowd boys" to party with the band after the show. I got to meet the whole band - their current drummer used to play for another favorite of mine, Alice in Chains.

Most of Heart's songs are really good - not anything to be embarrassed about. But there are a select few, this song for instance, that are painfully cheesy. But I can't deny that I LOVE this song. It makes me want to slip on some hot pink legwarmers, put on my lace headband and dance around like Nancy Wilson!

Rock on, ladies.

"There's the Girl" by Heart


Anonymous said...

I'm 31. I've heard of Heart but can't think of any of their songs. Off to amazon to listen to samples.

Merrie said...

I heart Heart, too! How have I never heard this song before? Clearly I'm not the fan I thought I was. Haven't seen them in concert, unfortunately. You lucky girl, you!

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