Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Conversations With Ava

Just the other day, out of nowhere, Ava says to me "Mom, I figured it out! Kids grow up, and then they have babies, and then those babies grow and become more kids!"

And I'm laughing thinking yesssss, my four-year-old has realized the circle of life!

So today, she blurts out "Mom! I cant wait to have a baby in my tummy! And then I'll have a kid..."

Oh shit. Um, NOT so funny. So I nodded and said yes, someday you will. (please GOD...wait 25 years...)

Then later today she said "Mom, I'm going to give kitty to my baby when I have one..." Kitty, a little orange stuffed cat, is her most precious toy. Kitty goes everywhere with us and I consider Kitty a member of the freakin family. We almost lost Kitty once and I had nightmares about it the whole night. Here in this picture you can see Kitty is on her way to the restaurant with us... iPod and Kitty; Ava's staples!

We've decided now that we're going to Petsmart to make Kitty a real cat's collar, with our phone number on it, so that if it happens again someone will call us. Nowadays, when Ava takes Kitty places, she sticks her in her shirt and pulls her head out the top - she reminds me of an attachment parent carrying her baby on her chest.

I told The Hubs that I'm going to invent a stuffed animal collar so that we parents won't have to worry so much about those precious, stuffed toys when they get lost...I'm such a freak!


KT said...

You know what? I think that is a pretty smart freaking idea. I would totally call someone if I found their kids toy. You ABSOLUTELY need to market that and become stinking rich off it it!

Gretchen said...

My niece has a "doggy" that she feels the same way about!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

OMG, that is Brilliant! Emma has a priceless, life would be over if ever lost, orange kitty too. I am SO getting a collar & tag for that thing.

Closer to Lucy said...

Can't tell ya how many I searched for a lost lovie, a tag is a great idea!

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