Friday, June 25, 2010

Philadelphia's Taste of the Nation - Update

I know I gave you a little preview of how the night went, but I'm finally going to share the whole shebang.

Take a deep breath, grab your slobber napkin and prepare to drool....ready?

Life's dessert first, right?

Yes, that really is a CAKE. And look, it even has the crack on the side.
Cheesecakes of every flavor...peach, cherry, still my heart. The peach was my favorite.

Is this dessert, you ask? No. Foie Gras with pickled cabbage. Yummy. I noticed there was quite a variety of foie gras offered at the event - it must be a favorite among Philly chefs. I loved it.

The oysters were a busy station all night. I was giggling with these guys trying to get a shot of them "in action." Thanks guys!

Something I noticed about this event - the guests were awfully camera shy. I had to put on a really big smile..and sometimes even say pleasssssse? But my charm and eloquence (cough!) eventually encouraged them to come around.

Here are some of the beautiful people of Philadelphia...

One of my favorites below; Scallop Ceviche

Philly's Taste of the Nation Chef Chair, and Philadelphia’s own Jennifer Carroll, recent Bravo Top Chef finalist and chef at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge by Eric Ripert, shows off her new Taste of the Nation chef coat.

And my favorite picture of the night? Chef Walter Staib from City Tavern pointing to himself. He was such a good sport - and funny, too! And his shrimp was to DIE for. So, thank you Chef Staib - delish.

Look! It's me!

It was a fun night full of interesting flavors, beautiful people and refreshing beverages. Congratulations to Share our Strength's Taste of the Nation for producing such a successful evening!

Can't wait for next year....

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Nicole said...

Yuummmm. I'm starving and that didnt help!!

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