Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My friends...will always be my friends

I've come to realize in recent years that I have an amazing group of girlfriends. Not just cool but a-m-a-z-i-n-g. How did I get so lucky? I dunno. Maybe it's because of all the smack talking I dish out to them - they just can't get enough abuse from me!

Just kidding.

Ok, not really.

Ok yes I am.

No I'm not.

Facebook, although totally annoying sometimes (and who knows why I need to reconnect with a dude I went to elementary school with in 1984 but, whatevs!) has been a huge help with getting in touch with friends I've lost touch with. One of them was one of my besties in high school. Let's call her "Sheila". We spent every waking moment together from 15 to 17, until we finished high school and went our separate ways. Ok.... to be honest, the main reason we didn't stay in touch was because I started hanging out with Sheila's boyfriend...without Sheila. The boyfriend and I never 'did' anything...but she found out we were spending time behind her back and, understandably, quit talking to me. We were 16, and I was a mess back then (and the boyfriend was a doosh). I wasn't a good friend, which is partly why I'm so grateful for what I have now - honest, loyal, thoughtful girlfriends.

So anyway, Sheila and I recently reconnected on Facebook. She's still in Colorado (where we grew up) and she's not of Facebook very much, but it's been wonderful seeing pictures of her, her husband and their daughters. We have yet to meet up in person - I haven't seen her since we were 17, and we don't talk online as much as I'd like. But this morning I got an email from Sheila and I literally laughed out loud when I read it.


I had to send you an email. You have been on my mind a ton lately. I have had these crazy dreams about you and then you pop up on my facebook and I never even get on that goddamn life suck. We haven't talked in 10 years (actually it's been more like 16, Sheila...but who's counting?) and now you're all over in my life.

I read your blog when I need some cheering up. You have always had a way of making me laugh even in the lowest of times. I just had to share with you that brightened my day. By the way, you
come over to my house and we have a gun. Don't invite Shane the little pussy. (haha, nice, right?)

Now get out of my head you crazy bitch, you're making me nutty!

Love you,


I love how she calls me a crazy bitch and then tells me she loves me. This just goes to show that the girlfriends I chose when I was 16 are about the same kind of girlfriends I stick to now - I love me some sarcastic, blunt, witty women. I'm thrilled that The Housewife Diaries brightened her day...I only wish I could brighten her day in person. Now I just need to convince her to come and visit me in Philly.

Speaking of amazing girlfriends, I still need to update you on my weekend with the Wolf Pack, don't I? I know my Vegas wolfie sisters are getting impatient with me, wanting me to post the stories of our adventures of running around Philly and Amish Country. I will. Soon. Pinkie swear!

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Anonymous said...

Your friend "Sheila" is a riot :) Isn't it great to find out that old friends are keeping up with your blog?

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