Monday, June 7, 2010

Lexus Joyride Update, Take Two

Ok, I have been getting a lot, and I mean a lot of readers asking me to update on the dramz over our Lexus' transport, and how someone from the auto relocation company totally STOLE our car to joyride in it for 90 miles before returning it to us with an empty gas tank and a broken passenger-side mirror...and then tried to pretend that it didn't happen. Remember that? If you haven't heard that story yet, read it here to catch up and then come back. I've even gotten a few comments (on the blog and via email) from other "customers" that also had shady experiences with this same company. Innnnneresting, wouldn't you say?

So here's the update. We submitted our claim for $1347.87.

Damaged mirror & parts: $803.13

Labor: $169.95

Tire replacement, balance & labor: $272.00

Total cost of the claim: $1319.72

Half a tank of gas, plus refueling to get the car to drive again: $28.15

Total: $1347.87

I think we waited a few days, I can't remember exactly how many it took for them to reply. But I'll give you five bucks if you can guess what they said...

Have a guess?

Ok, I won't give you five bucks but, I will tell you that they freakin DENIED our entire claim.

The whole thing. They said that we must have made a mistake about the mileage...and that the gas gauge can look different when the car has been jostled around....and that nails can get into a tire at any time and aren't covered in the transport package....

Uh huh.

Are you flip flopping kidding me? I was furious when I read the email. They did offer to pay for the mirror, since they "called ahead" to tell us that it had been damaged by a "hose".

So, let's review. An empty gas tank, 90 additional miles and two nails in the tire...those weren't affiliated with the broken mirror. Those were just a coincidence, right? Riiiiiight! God, how naive of us! Of course... we must not have taken the "how full is your gas tank?" class in driver's education. Because you know people can easily think the tank's half full...when it's really empty, right? Especially when it's a 2008 Lexus with no issues.


I encouraged the hubby to threaten them with a lawyer and his (very large and prestigious) company's backing. Which he did. Lucky for us, it worked and they backed down. They agreed to pay the costs - all of them - but still refused to take on any blame. They agreed to pay to keep themselves in good standing with us.

That's freakin hysterical if you ask me.

Good standing? Sure! If you live in Liars and Cheaters Land. I think I dated a dude from that land once or twice...

Anyway, the fuckers denied the claim, but we got what we wanted in the end - the cash it took to fix what they damaged. I'm still amazed that such a shady company is allowed to stay in business. Remember that the hubs and I didn't hire them ourselves - they were hired through my husband's company! And we still got the Liars and Cheaters treatment. Anyone who knows my husband and me knows that we are honest people - we don't need to lie and steal our way into an extra $1300. This shit really happened, and we're not stupid.

The bonus prize is that we will never know when it was taken, or where, or what happened inside the car (eww). All we can do is move forward, and make sure that everyone we know never....ever....uses them to transport their car across the United States.



Anonymous said...

Holy rusted metal, batman. That's horrible what they did. But great that you got them to back down. Can you file with the BBB?

gayle said...

Glad it all worked out in the end!!

Kaia said...

Coincidentally, I happen to know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy that used to work for Reindeer Auto and he told me he knows where and when your Lexus was taken and EXACTLY what sort of activity occurred inside it (apparently it's not for the faint of heart). He said he'd be very happy to share the information with you for a small fee of.....$1350.00! lol xx

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

A friend of mine just graduated law school. Every time I get mad at a company, I beg her to draw up a legal memo. She refuses. Sounds like you had better luck that way, but sorry you had to go through all the drama/trauma. Last thing you need in addition to moving to a new strange place!

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