Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conversations With Ava

Here I am! Been busy but things are sort of slowing down again. Just wanted to spout off a few funny things that have happened lately...

I think I've started to get used to my neighborhood. I've been recognized by the post office lady and the liquor store dudes. You know you've made it when post office officials and liquor store people notice you!

I think you'll like this story about my precious, Ava. She's so freakin funny I can hardly stand it. She'd be even funnier if she didn't talk 24-7 but hey, we can't have it all, right? So she's really been into music lately - she's a total singer. I play a song from the mid 90s called Sleeping Satellite...old folks, you'll remember this song. Anyway, this is one of Ava's favorites right now - I think mostly because it's sung by a woman...Ava doesn't like "man" songs. This will be funnier after you finish reading this.

There's a line in the song that goes "where the eagles fly!"

I don't know where Ava came up with this, but she's been calling any type of bird a "cock". I keep trying to explain to her that a cock is a chicken (right?), and that other birds have different names. But no, she calls every bird a cock.

Alrighty then. Do you see where this is going?

Back to the song. She hears the line about the eagles flying...

Eagle = bird

Bird = cock

Uh huh.

When Ava wants to hear this song, she says "Mom, I wanna hear the cock song."

Excuse me... what?

"MOM! I wanna hear that cock know!?"

The cock song? Oh dear lord. I'm a tad bit shocked, but trying my best not to bust out laughing - mostly because Ava would then ask me WHY I was laughing. Um, grown up joke, darling.

I'll tell you when you're 21.

Play the cock song, mom!

Cool! Let me go get my iPod....


Mrs. Jeremy said...

AVA ROCKS MY WORLD!!!! hahaha!

dirtyduck said...

"Here I am!" lol

a cock is a male chicken:)

Ava sounds ridiculously fun

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