Sunday, May 16, 2010

Suck It Sunday

Thanks to The Mom, Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy for the fabulous graphic!

This week's Suck It Sunday brought to you who don't have a clue! Come on, we all know those types, right?

Earlier this week, a salesman came to my door. He knocked. I answered. He looked me up and down and said "Is the husband home?"

What am I...twelve? Do I not look capable of listening to your door-to-door sales pitch? Not only that but, you should know better, buddy. The wives make most of the home decisions, anyway. Strike one.

So I told him no, my husband's not here but that he could talk to ME. Then I smiled sweetly and let him sell me his product (he wanted to repave our driveway) - he would give me the huge bargain price of $6000. Ouch. Strike two. I took his card. Thanks but, no thanks. I'll call ya. Hold your breath until I do.

Later that night I told The Hubs the story of the salesman. And what did my hubby say?

"Oh yeah, he's been around before. He quoted me $5000 last week."

WHAT!? He quoted me a thousand dollars MORE than he quoted you? Does he not remember coming to our house just last week? And not only that, but he quotes ME a grand more? He quotes the woman more. Strike three...annnnd he's outta there!

WTF? Nice salesman he is. We've got a real sharp shooter on our street, folks! I'm pissed that he asked for my husband at the door. And now I'm really pissed that he quoted me more money...not only more but a grand more.

When you don't have a life (like I don't), this is the kinda shit that makes (or breaks lol) your day. This is like good, quality neighborhood gossip for me. Yessss!

So if he comes back, you can bet that I'll give him a taste of my mind. I'll be respectful and clever about it, but Mr. Pavement Man can definitely SUCK IT.

"Oh hi, you're back! Do you realize that you quoted my husband a thousand dollars less than you quoted me? Little old me? No? Well then...suck it!" SLAM!

Heehee. It's the little things that give me pleasure. Would I really do that? No, probably not. But I can pretend. What I'd really do is not answer the door and spy at him through the bedroom window until he leaves. But I would tell him to suck it through the closed window! Does that count?

Speaking of my neighborhood, I've got another great Suck It Sunday lined up for next week. So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Give me his number. I'll tell him to suck it over the phone.

Unknown said...

Tell him to use the Door To Door Spouse Objection next time ;-)

Mrs. Jeremy said...

That's what I call BULLSHIT!

Closer to Lucy said...

I say schedule him to come over for what he thinks is to do the work then tell him to suck it before booting him off your driveway!

What a jackhole!

dirtyduck said...

No? Well then...suck it!" SLAM!
i love how you wrote about how that can make or break a dy, im like that also, somebody (i think) looks at me funny in line? instant hurt feelings. cuts in front of me...instant

Kiki said...

silly...girls don't understand tar
if he comes again, why not offer to pave his FACE, for only the $1000 difference between his offer to the hubs and the offer to you

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