Friday, April 2, 2010


Holy shitballs it's been a crazy few weeks. Bring on the Sweet Tea Vodka! If you hadn't noticed I've been scarce recently. I've had so much going on and April is only going to get crazier.

By the way, happy April! Can you believe it's April? I can't. I was counting back when the hubs and I first traveled to Philly to see if we liked the area...that was FIVE months ago.


Anyway, after one hell of a winter, spring has finally decided to make an appearance around here in the beautiful, eastern suburbs of Philadelphia. Lookie-

Afternoon rain drops glistening in the sun.

That's my yard! Look how green the grass is getting...gorgeous!

Daffodils are everywhere here. So pretty.

I just dropped my mom off after a week-long visit. The best part of her visit? We didn't try to kill each other even one time. Ok, that was a joke...kind of. See, my mom and I are very close but, put us in the same room for more than 24 hours and shit could *possibly* hit the fan. Luckily, as we've aged, we've gotten better about not starting crap with the other. And I've learned that, as long as I keep my mouth shut, things run fine. Nice, right?

I just complain to my husband later.

That's what husbands are there for, right? Me loves ya, honey!

Here's a few of my favorite pictures from this week-

Look! We're even smiling! Look at me "posing". Nice. I'm such a loser.

So even though my mom drives me nuts sometimes, I've been feeling especially lonely and isolated for the past few weeks so I was grateful to see her and get some quality "girl" time. I'm so happy she made the trip out from California (from "sea to shining sea" as she put it).

Also, I have some very exciting news to share soon. Stay tuned for that and a funny Suck It Sunday!


Lanita said...

I do the same thing with my mother. I never say a word when she bugs the crap out of me...but my husband patiently listens as I unload all of my frustration. That should be a requirement when looking for a husband...ability to listen to wife bitch about MIL and be duck-like and let it roll of back.

Nicole said...

I didnt know she was coming to visit!? Thats awesome, I know you were getting lonely.

I love your hair! It's really light and getting long.

dirtyduck said...

yes, that IS what husbands are for:) your mom is a very striking lady there. and your deffodil pic looks like its from a mag, very pretty. i cannot wait for some warmth. it was nice here for a few days then it went back to being windy and juuuust warm enough to make you think summer is coming.

Closer to Lucy said...

I'm with ya Spring is way over due! Your pics are fab.

Great venting posts those hubbys are!

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