Saturday, April 3, 2010

Suck-It Sunday

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This week's Suck-It Sunday is about BAD service at restaurants. I know everyone has had a bad experience at a restaurant, so let the Suck Its roll!

A few weekends ago, the hubs and I took the kids to a charming town called Skippack Village. It's tourist central - antique shopping, lots of cafe-type restaurants, and friendly locals. Love this place!

Anyway, so we decided to eat at a little restaurant called the Back Porch Cafe. The ambiance was great - little tables scattered outside under a big, wispy tree. Service started out attentive. We ordered our food - the hubs ordered a burger and I ordered the tuna salad (Ahi Tuna...not canned). The place was about 1/4 maybe five other tables? We waited about 25 minutes for our food, and when it came out it was very disappointing.

Ok, seriously? It was gross.

I ordered my tuna medium rare. It came out well done. And if you're familiar with Ahi Tuna, it should be rare...not well. The lettuce underneath the tuna was wilted, soggy and slimy. Eww. I couldn't pay myself to eat it - and I am not a picky foodie. I eat almost anything. The hubby's burger, he discovered, was a frozen piece of meat and wasn't even fresh ground beef. (He knows this because he's 10+ years into the food distribution biz) A "concession stand burger" is what he compared it to.

So we choked down as much as we could but, were so disappointed that the hubby decided to speak up about it. Typically, we don't. This is kind of how it went:

Server: How was everything?

Hubby: Actually, it was pretty bad. My wife's salad was soggy and the tuna was terrible.

Server: Well, when you ask for Ahi well done, it dries it out.

Me: I ordered it medium RARE. (you stupid moron)

Server: (she looks down at my tuna, mouth drops words come out)

Uh huh.

Me: And you see the lettuce...?

Server: Yeah. (frown)

Hubby: And you gave me a frozen burger?

Server: No, we make everything fresh here.

Hubby: No, this is a frozen burger.

Server: No, it's not.

Hubby: Yes, it is.

Server: No, it's not. We make everything fresh here.

Alrighty then. You see this is going nowhere.

Server: I'll get the owner to come out and talk to you guys.

She takes our plates away. We sit there. She comes back with our check and cheerfully says "I'll take that whenever you're ready" and walks away. The hubs and I sort of stare at each other in shocked amazement.

No apology.

No discounts.

No owner.

Ummmm, yeah.

I looked on our check (with no discounts) and notice the order says MR under my salad. MR = Medium Rare. This is where my finger comes out....Oh no she di-int!

I chased her back to the kitchen - back to the line, while my husband witnessed their "cook" bringing back boxes of food to the kitchen with a cigarette in his mouth.


So, in the end, we got them to admit that, yes, they use frozen, cheap meat. We got the cook to admit he was carrying food with a smoke in his lips, and we got them to admit that they fucked up the Ahi Tuna.

Any discounts? Nope.

Any apology? Nope.

Did I pay my bill. Yep.

Would I recommend the Back Porch Cafe in Skippack? HELL no.

I've been joking with the hubs, calling it the "Back DOOR Cafe"...because their food tastes like ASS.

So Back Door Cafe - you can SUCK IT. Your food sucks. Your employees suck. And most of all, your owner sucks.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


dirtyduck said...

!!!i love how she jsut brings you the check,i dont often say this but wtf? are you kidding? and i also love how som"e cooks/chefs" care so little about what OTHER people are eating. and other people ARE ok with it because they dont want to make a fuss or they really dotn know what good food is. its either or.

that def qualifies for a suck-it

gayle said...

I would report this to someone. Our local tv station does reports on resturants every Friday!

AmandaWK said...

"Thank you, come again..." NOT! WOW, that place really sucks!!! I have had my fare share of run-ins with restaurant staff, but I think this even tops them.

Someone needs to teach them that frozen is not fresh, well-done is not medium-rare, and slimy salad is trash. YUCK! I don't know how you got that to stay down... eeck!

I have a place to reocmend, though. I haven't been there in about 4 years, but the food was great when were there. The California Pizza Kitchen at the King of Prussia Mall. OMG! I had there Grilled Vegetarian with a Salad and Banana Strawberry Smoothie... it was out of this world!!! And I AM a picky eater! :) YUMMM!!! OH and THEIR service was great. :)

Mrs. Jeremy said...

All I can say is Oh.My.God. Wow!! That blows, I would have had a very hard time paying!

Closer to Lucy said...

I'm at a rare loss for words, I mean really?

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