Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

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I loved this song from the first moment I laid ears on it. I especially love the "Daym, girl!" part. Even though this song is totally ridiculous and moderately offensive...and the video is DIRTY (dang, do I sound old and cranky or what?), I still love the song. It's one of those private, never-let-the-kids-hear-this-bullshit kind of song. It's great to run and or dance to! I know all my Vegas bitches would agree with me.

Daym, girl!

David Guetta featuring Akon - "Sexy Bitch"

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Christy said...

Totally embarrassed by the love of this song also. So much so that I thought I needed it as a ringtone & quickly realized it make not be appropriate to have my 8 year old girl scouts here my phone ring during a meeting to the sweet tune of, "Damn you're a sexy bitch." Thank you to those sweet little girls for bringing this wacky mom back down to earth! Ha ha!!

Nicole said...


Katie said...

Um...I listen to it with my kids in the car, is that wrong?? Ha ha, I LOVE this song. I love the "Damn, girl" part too!!

Gin said...

Uh, add me to the list of bad moms because my girls totally sing this song! lmao The don't actually know all the words but they do sing "sexy chick" part over and over. Lately, I have been turning the station when it comes on though.

Kaia said...

Loads of my pals saw David Guetta perform that one live over the weekend! He did a gig at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Too funny, eh?

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