Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm back! Did ya miss me?

I'm back from Tulsa. Phew! You guys, I am SO tired I feel like I'm sleepwalking today. It was a busy, crazy trip...but we had so much fun. The family and I got stuck at the Atlanta airport yesterday for FOUR hours between planes, and then we didn't get home until after yea, that was fun.


But now we're back home safe in Philly....and something I noticed right when we got back....people here are NOT friendly like they are in Tulsa. Or as the locals like to call it, T-town. In Tulsa, people are SO freakin nice. I chatted with the rental car guy there - did you know he's having a baby in five months? He's naming her Sophia. Or the woman that opened the door (and actually held it) for my kids AND me at the grocery store...? Tulsa people are as sweet as apple pie.

And Philly people are so...not.

Let me give you an example.

We were in a traffic jam in Tulsa on Saturday (which hardly never happens - a traffic "jam" in T-town is four cars or so and you won't even have to come to a complete stop). A Philly traffic jam takes you three hours (and lots of swear words later) to get out of.

Anyway, so the hubs and I are in a jam in T-town, and a woman in a car one lane over decides she wants to merge into our lane. Well, instead of pulling forward and using a blinker (like a freakin normal driver), she decided to STOP in the middle of the lane and just sit there. Cars are backed up....the other lane keeps on going and doesn't let her in (although maybe if she had her blinker on someone would've let her in, duh). So she's stopped in the middle of the road, and the cars behind her are just patiently waiting. Waiting! No honks, no shaking hands out the "go woman!" angry shouts....nothing! I was kind of in awe and saying something like "what the fuck is she doing!?" to the hubs.

Now, if this would have happened in Philly....(giggle)....there would have most certainly been at least one fist fight in the middle of the street. Maybe two. The car horns would have been constant. Maybe even a middle finger...or five.

The point is, that shit would never go down on the Philly roads. Because Philly people are kinda....assholes. Yea, there. I said it.

No offense to you Philly peeps. I'm one now, too, so I guess I'm guilty by association. Do y'all have an asshole class I could take? Maybe that would help.

Do you like how I said y'all? I thought that was a nice touch.

But hell, it sure was nice to have a few days of friendly, patient, horse-lovin, pickup-truck-drivin, funny-talkin folks to hang out with! I love Tulsa! Yeehaw!

More on my weekend in T-town later, and stay tuned for the full blog on how my week went with the Wolf Pack. Chow for now. I'm going to go unpack and try to get back into the swing.


Mrs. Jeremy said...

Welcome home! You almost got me wanting to visit Tulsa...almost. I thought Philly was lovely (well, minus the assholes :) xo

Nicole said...

I think I need to come to Philly. I need a break and a friend.

Lys said...

Yes, Philly holds an azzhat class every Monday - Friday commonly known as the "76 Commute."

Glad you returned :)

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