Monday, March 8, 2010

The Red Ball 2010 - Review & Pictures

The Red Ball was hosted at the Please Touch Museum and wow, what a great place for a party. We entered and were greeted with a silent auction and red carpet. The auction items included everything from a makeover to hot air balloon rides. Fun!

Inside, the party's ambiance was spectacular - the room was dimly lit with candles and surrounding red lights along the walls. Stars ran along the VIP wall to the ceiling.

Food stations were set up throughout - sometimes you had to search around a corner to find a new booth. Seafood was a popular ingredient; there were many different kinds of ceviche offered -- we even tried an alligator ceviche! One of my favorites was the crab ceviche from Mission Grill. A shout out and thanks to the lovely, Mission Grill ladies for the coupon!

Tony Danza was there - he was very handsome (and grey!). He stood for press pictures and then quietly slipped into the VIP room where he stayed for the night. I was able to get pretty close to him, but he seemed shy. He preferred to stay in his little chair, tasting food that was brought to him. So I left him alone. Another celeb in attendance was an old-school Philadelphia rapper, Schooly D. He's in the picture above, chowing on some shrimp in the VIP room. At the time, I didn't even know I was taking his picture - I was just trying to get the room. Only later did I realize he was in the crowd. He was very friendly and gracious - he mingled with the other guests and I brushed shoulders with him a few times. I kept calling him "Kanye" since he wore his sunglasses the entire night! Heather Graham was supposed to make an appearance but Red Cross sent out an email this morning saying she had food poisoning and wasn't able to make it. Ohhhhh, the irony.
A cupcake from Doug's Cakes. I had a sample of his Vanilla Rum with Fresh Fruit Cake and oh...mah...god....INCREDIBLE. He gets my vote for the best dessert of the night. So Doug - my birthday is in June. You can bet your ass I'll be calling you for a cake!

The hubs and I loved the cocktails served up by Tommy Bahamas - they have a new rum, you know.

I even got the nerve up to have my fortune told with tarot cards. Here I am shuffling them away, thinking about what I want to ask the cards. What did I ask? I'll never tell! It was fun, though. I'm doing my best Snookie face in this pic...what do you think?

A special thanks to Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff for the tarot reading. She was such a sweet person - she even said she wanted to paint me! Ha! I'll pose for you anytime, Marilyn!

Here's some of my favorite shots of the party goers. Lucky for me, everyone was extremely gracious and friendly.

Piano by heels! Loves it. How adorable is she?!

And the best dressed goes to....the huge, red ballgown above and the plaid vested gentleman below! He told me that his wife specially ordered that fabulous red vest directly from Scotland - just for this event. Doesn't he look fantastic?! Cheers you two and thanks for the picture!
So that's it! I hope you enjoyed the review as much as I enjoyed the party. I'm already looking forward to next year. Hopefully they'll let me crash their party again!

A special thanks to the Red Cross Director of Communications, Dave Schrader, for allowing me to attend such a fabulous party. In all, they raised $216,900 for Red Cross House. Congratulations Red Cross for such a successful evening!


Nicole said...

Wow! Nice job and you look fab. Looks like the new sitter is working out well :)

Kaia said...

Looks like it was an incredible event. What a glamourous VIP you are! Hope you had a fantastic time. K xx

melissa said...

Very cool! Looks like a great time. Did I tell you that my hubby is starting up a distillery? I'll have to see if you can be a taste-tester!

dirtyduck said...

i love doing fundraisers! lil (the duck) has actually hosted her it was a rubber duck derby of course:)

everyone looks amazing, and you do have a unique face. i can easily see how an artist would be atracted.

Staceylynnie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog looking for pictures of the night. The sea bass ceviche from Roy's was my fav and the sake and the rum and the corriander shrimp.... hell, it was all freaking delicious!!!!
BTW... that's me in heals at the piano! Thanks for the nice comment!

Tasha said...

Stacey! Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate you posing "again" for my camera. ;) Your pic is one of my favorites of the night! And you're right - all of the food was SO good.

Let's do it again next year! Haha

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the pic of the ballgown on the carousel!! Swoon.

Jeanna said...


BTW, in the picture with the sign from Public House - Logan Square, what are in those glasses?

Tasha said...

Dear Mommeee (aka Jeanna),

It was Alligator Ceviche! Seriously! :P Wanna taste it!? It was yummy - the chef was hysterical.

gayle said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had an awesome time!! I love dressing up!!

Closer to Lucy said...

Thanks for the vicarious night out!
You look fab, makes me wanna hate you.

Jess said...

WOW, this looked like so much fun!! Your pictures are great, I could really get a feel for the night. I really, really like the carousel and star pictures, nicely done!

Heather A Posey said...

Oh I wish I were a house wife. I have a house husband!

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