Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

Did you hear? I'm starting an embarrassing music series here at The Housewife Diaries. I've created a tab on the left-side panel so you can keep up with all the craptastic music I'm confessing my eternal love for.
Have a song of your own to share? Let's hear it! Better yet, blog about your music and link it back to me. Here's this week's song. Enjoy.

"Young Hearts" by The Commuters - straight from The Karate Kid soundtrack! Do 80s songs get any better than this, people?


Nicole said...

LOL I LOVE that song!

What's new, you've been missing for like a week......

dirtyduck said...

i meant to comment with my song last time, so ill leave last weeks and this weeks

blindmelon, and the song with that cute bumblebee girl in the video??

this week

ace of base
i saw the sign... or is it.. sun lol my friends always made fun of me for not knowing the lyrics

Kacey said...

Oh my gosh, there are so many! Danny is always making fun of me. Last night I was singing "Please Don't Go Girl". Even attempted the falsetto. Sad, I know. Almost anything 80's and I'm happy.

And oddly enough, I totally don't remember that "Young Hearts" song. How many times have I seen that movie? How can I NOT know it?

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