Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music I'm Embarrassed to Love

This week's theme? 80s songs! Come on, girls. We all know we have them.

Here are mine.

Don't laugh. Ok, go ahead and laugh.

"If You Were Here" by The Thompson Twins. Remember Samantha, sadly standing at her sister's wedding, after everyone had left her there, this song starts to play...and there's Jake Ryan waiting for her with his red Porsche. *Swoon*

"Forever Young" by Alphaville. This is one of those songs that my husband hears and says "Oh god, what IS this shit?" But seriously, it's an excellent song. The video is completely ridiculous but, hey, they can't be perfect with a name like Alphaville anyway, right? (Did you know Jay Z redid this song? It's soooo not the same but not half bad, either.)

"No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper. I remember seeing Rocky IV in the theatre when I was about eight. I loved it - looking back now, I have no idea why an eight-year-old girl would like this movie but...whatevs! I did! This song was my favorite part, and I still listen to this song when I'm working out.

Plus, my husband and I have been screaming Ivan Drago's (the Russian boxer) movie lines at each other for the past ten years.

"He's not human. He's like a piece of iron."

"If he dies, he dies!"

"I must break you."

"Yatzebya! Yatzebya!"

And unless you're an insane Rocky fan like The Hubs and me, none of those quotes will make any sense to you. It's ok. Not everyone can be as cool as me.

"I Wanna Go Back" by Eddie Money. I LOVE Eddie Money. Love love love him. The keyboards and sax solos...the reminiscent lyrics....the hair. Need I say more?


daphne sy said...

nice compilation of 80's songs. . .thank you for sharing. It reminds me of something lol=)

Philly Girl said...

You know *I* think you should never be embarrassed to love 80's songs. ;)

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