Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Why? Because it's a good day to stuff yourself full of corned beef and cabbage, drink lots of good beer and wear the grossest color of green you can muster up! Shah!

Back in the day, bartending on St. Patty's Day was totally exhausting but soooo much fun - have you ever tried bartending for 15 hours straight? I'd get home in a daze, sticky from the green beer spilled all over me, 100 beads around my neck and $600 in my pocket. Makes my feet hurt just thinking about it.

This year, since I have no one to invite over, I'm going to be cooking (and drinking) by myself.

At least I have my memories of people coming over from past years...

There was my green party in 2008, where my best Vegas gal pals (aka The Wolf Pack) and their husbands came over. I made lots of green beer, lost count of how many Irish Car Bombs we did and the night ended in handstands against the wall and someone almost puking on my kitchen counter. Yea, don't ask. But it sure was fun!

Then there was my St. Patty's Day party in 2009. The hubby's brother and sisters were visiting which made things even more interesting. My sisters-in-law had never even tried an Irish Car Bomb....which, um, I drank them for breakfast for most of my 20s. Point? They're yummy and I have consumed many -and so I was happy to share my love for the Car Bomb with my beloved sisters....hee hee. Here's Sara tasting her first one....

Those were fun parties fer sher!

Anyway! If y'all wanna come over this year, I'll have plenty of grub and beer. If you don't come over, I guess that just means more for me! Hope everyone has an excellent (and safe) St. Patrick's Day.

Here's some of my favorite music to listen to while I'm cooking. Enjoy!


Nicole said...

Aaawww, I wish we could come and celebrate with you! Hope you have a good dinner :)

Closer to Lucy said...

Once again you've struck my emotional homesick cord. I gotta quit coming here!

Damn it!

dirtyduck said...

lol have fun. just thinking of green beer makes me feel queasy, im more of a "plain cranberry juice in a glass and pretend theres vodka in it" type of girl

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Miss you! We will have to have a belated celebration in April so you and Heather can kick my ass at carbomb races.

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