Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deep Thoughts

I've found a sweet tea flavored vodka.

Be still my beating heart.

I'll admit that I didn't even know what "sweet tea" was until I was about 22. I know all you southern gals would slap me right now if you could. But remember I grew up in Denver, Colorado, and most residents there have the "western accent"...aka NO accent. I'm kinda proud of that, and my Oklahoma-born hubby is extremely proud of his non-accent - he worked hard after college to get rid of his drawl.
I still can't get over the Philly folk here saying "wudder". (that's water for the rest of the United States...)

Anyway! I learned about sweet tea kind of by accident. It was 1999 (or so). I was bartending in Denver and a female visitor with an extremely thick, southern accent came in for lunch. It kind of went like this...

Me: Hi! What can I get you to drink?

Her: (In her thick, southern drawl) Do y'all have any swate tay?

Me: What?

Her: Do ya have any swate tay?

Me: What?

(This is where I started to she speaking another language? Seriously. Or maybe this is an alcoholic drink I hadn't heard of yet? I was silently wracking my brain trying to come up with what "tay" was.)

Me: Ummmm, I don't know. I'll ask in the back for you.

All the while, she kind of stared at me in shocked amazement. In other words; like I was a total idiot. And I was.

So I went back to my coworkers and stumbled through the story...

Me: Swate? What the hell kinda drink is Tay?

The servers had a good laugh and schooled me on the concept of iced tea and how, sometimes, it can be served sweet.....or swate. See because, in my world then, iced tea came unsweetened and you just put a bag of sugar into it. There were no alternatives.

Shit. Ok. Got it. I headed back to the table....
Me: No, we don't have sweet tea.


Not knowing what sweet tea is: Zero dollars
Tip from that table: Zero dollars

Tasha feeling like a total asshole: Priceless


Since moving to Philly, I have found sweet tea is everywhere! The best part? It's GOOD. Meloves sweet tea. So I drink it every time I go out - with the fond memories of being an ignorant, young bartender in Denver.....

And now I've found sweat tea vodka. Even better! I have been mixing it with my peach-flavored Crystal Lite and I hear it's good with lemonade, too. Yummy and a perfect summertime weekend indulgence.

So think of me and my ignorance the next time you drink sweet tea. I'd be there with you if I could! (and I'd spike your drink with sweat tea vodka!)


Nicole said...

Ha ha ha ha. I dont think you ever told me that story!

I had a guy the other day that when I was taking his order, he wasnt looking up at me and his words were just slurring together and he said he wanted twigs over medium..... I just stodd there trying to figure out what twigs were. I actually had to ask him and he had no idea what I was talking about. Once he got it he started laughing and he said "tow eggs, over medium". Yup, felt like a total dumb ass.

I cant stand tea. Period. so I dont think I'll be trying that vodka.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

EEE - So good! I did a blog all about Sweet "TAY" vodka on friday - check it out.

Your typing of her southern twang almost made me fall on the floor laughing - I say almost because I'm at work, if I were at home I'd be on the floor!

I'm from Maryland born and raised, so the Southern Accent still gets me every time. :)


Nicole said...

Up yeah, I cant type either.

I just stood there and he said 2 eggs over medium.

Lizzie said...

OHHHH i LOVE sweet tea Vodka! mix with cranberry juice, YUM! :)

Lanita said...

If your husband has lost his Oklahoman drawl, does he lapse back into it when he gets on the phone with someone from back home? My husband is from Texas and has no drawl until he gets on the phone with one of his family members or a friend. Funniest thing.

Big Red said...

Put "try sweet tea vodka" on our to do list for PA.

dirtyduck said...

hahah this post is great!!! we need to form a anti accent club. while i lived in new jersey i refused to let myself mutter a single "yeaa" out of the corner of my mouth and annoyed everybody i could by saying "like" every five seconds just so they knew i was from california. thank you SO much for the laugh Tasha, you are so much fun.hey im doing a giveaway, its somehing right up our dirty minded alley. but in a good clean way:)go see if you have the time, ttyl

michelle and lil

Gretchen said...

I like it with the lemonade too, but since I don't like sweet sweet stuff I cut it with at little seltzer water.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

That is so flipping hilarious!! I bet that's exactly how she said it too (being a GA native myself). I've read about sweet tea vodka but haven't tried it yet, you'd better stock up for April!!

**Treefrog** said...

Oh I really need to find this. I love the normal sweet tea but I would love to try this. I'll have to get it on our next "alcohol run". See we live in a "DRY" county in KY, (don't know how we wound up here since we moved here from Las Vegas and originally from Calif) So we go once a month and make our alcohol run and stock up so I'll pick this up next time we go. LOL Boy and if you think that accent was hard to understand you should hear some of the rednecks here, they have their own kind of language that I can't understand for the life of me LOL. And Sweet tea is a staple here along with Mountain Dew LOL. Love the tea don't touch the Dew, I hear it's like crack! Even the little ones are addicted! Love your blog, first time commentor Hee Hee.

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