Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conversations with DH

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The background: As you all know, we just moved to the East Coast. Our new house is beautiful and has plenty of space. It's in a great neighborhood and we want to stay here for a long time. Yesterday (St. Patrick's Day), DH and I were sitting outside with our beers, stuffed silly full of corned beef and cabbage, watching the kids play in the yard with their neighborhood friends. It was a nice few minutes to spend with the hubs - we don't get "alone" conversations very often. Usually we try to talk over the kids' screaming, coughing, sticking toys in our faces, all while trying not to swear, slap, grope or do anything else that we might not want our kids to see.

Those "alone" conversations are a luxury.

So we're sitting in our chairs enjoying the relax time with our beers....

Me: You know, I really love our house but I'd like to do some things to it.

DH: Yea, I love our house, too, but it could use some work. What would you do?

Me: Well, I'd start with the wall around the formal dining room. I'd knock that down....

DH: Open the place up? Uh huh. That sounds nice.

Me: Then I'd redo the guest bathroom. It's just too plain. And I'd knock down the wall in the office to open it up to the living room. Then I'd get rid of our marble floor and make the whole downstairs one kind of flooring....

DH: You don't like the marble? I kinda like it.

Me: So what would you do to the house?

DH: I'd put in a bar in the basement.

Me: (this is where I patiently wait for more....but he says nothing else...)

Me: That's it?

DH: Yep.

Me: That's it...when you said the house needs some "work" needs a bar? The "work" is a freakin bar?

DH: Yep. I'd build it in the storage room downstairs, so we could hide from the kids. And it would be our own little secret place. And I'd make it an Irish Pub. I'd put up a couple of pictures and a few taps and....

Me: (can you see my eyes rolling?)

Me: A bar? That's all you'd do to the entire house?

DH: Yep.

Me: Alrighty then.


Nicole said...

So he's in desperate need of a man cave huh?

LOL, you know the next thing will be a couch and a 52 inch flat screen.......believe me, I know.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Yay for sitting outside!! LOL

dirtyduck said...

so little makes them happy

Lanita said...

Guys do have their priorities. Mine wants to "kill" a bear skin rug and hang antlers of various animals around on the walls.

Jeanna said...

I'm sorry but I have to side with your Dh on this one. I'm all for a bar in the house.

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