Monday, February 15, 2010

You Know You've Made it When....

You know you've made it in the blogging world when men in Russia start writing about you. (click the link to see what I'm talking about...)

Cant translate the words? I'll do it for you:
Output blogoobzor: blogs three American girls

Today, in honor of the day off I would like to make special blogoobzor. I will tell you a story about three American representatives of the fair sex, who earn on the internet on their own hobbies.

Despite the fact that they are all closely linked to the Internet - they are fundamentally different ways of life.

Tasha - Young mother and author of the blog
A former bartender, now an exemplary mother of two children is my diary and knows about his simple family life. In the menu on the left you can see a cloud of tags that describe the place where they go to rest the whole family. Frankly - I adore these "Photo", because in them you can see the simplicity and naturalness of family life and life in general.

Creepy? Yeah, maybe just a little bit. Especially since the guy looks like he has whiskers. Is that a new Russian fad? Whiskers? Or maybe they just help him find his way around in all that deep snow.

Thanks, Russian Dude, for the compliments. I'm glad you adore my pictures - they are cute, aren't they? A little scary that I "represent the American fair sex" to Russian men. If they only knew! Yuk yuk yuk! And bless your little heart for calling me a "young" mother.....young? I look young? Sweet. Not only that but I'm an "exemplary mother"? Shit if I look like an exemplary mother then God help the American people. Remind me to remember this next time my six-year-old tells me what a crappy job I'm doing.

"But Jack, a dude in Russia thinks I'm exemplary! So take THAT and stick it where the sun don't shine!"

I'm's not every day that Russian people blog about you.


Nicole said...

OMG I'm rolling. That's really nice of him...........Does he read you or ever left a comment?

Nicole said...

Oh and after looking at his post I've come to the conclusion that he likes your exemplerary boobs......:) just an observation.

AmandaWK said...

That is an honor, to be recognized like that. Heck, I'm just glad Americans follow or comment on my blog at all.. ha ha!

Big Red said...

Oh that is hillarious! Only you Tasha.

Tasha said...


My boobs are exemplary, aren't they? :P

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Ahahaha!! You're famous!
Oh, and I second that (re: your boobs)

Южный Постовой said...

You are really very attractive, young and good, as far as I can see by the photo, the mother (great photo))
And you have a very interesting blog. So why not tell it to the world? ;-)
(sorry for the quality of the text, as I write, via a translator..)

P.S. Sorry, did not immediately comment on this article - preparing a new blog about myself, in English, if interested -

gayle said...

Great job!!!

dirtyduck said...

thats pretty cool!

Kacey said...

Crazy! How did you figure this out? Only you, Tasha! ;-)

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