Friday, February 19, 2010

Suck-It Sunday

Thanks to TheMomJen at Cheaper Than Therapy for the graphic!

Welcome to another edition of Suck It Sunday! Have someone or something you'd like to tell to suck it? Snag the graphic and go to town - that or just leave your suckiness in the comment box.

1. People who follow too closely in their cars can suck it. Seriously, if I'm unable to see their front bumper in my rear view mirror because they're too busy riding my ass, then they're driving too dang close. I've gotten pretty good at giving death stares through the mirror. I don't need that person driving the rusted up, '79 Toyota Civic to run into the back of my car. Hello people - I've got my kids in here with me. So slow down...and suck it!

2. Parents who don't teach their children to be kind and friendly to other kids can suck it. My boy is having trouble making friends in his new school. He is student of the week next week, so he had to fill out a survey about himself to read to the class. One of the questions was "what are your three wishes?"

You know what he wrote? "A trampoline, a space room and a new friend"

God dammit....way to break my heart. My kid has three wishes for anything...and he asks for a friend? Ugh. Excuse me while I follow him to school and hunt down all those cliquish first grade slapping someone else's kid illegal?

3. Tiger Woods can suck it this week. His apology shouldn't have been THAT important to begin with, and what he did say was total BS. Scripted, rehearsed and totally not believable. Hey, did I ever tell you guys that one of his mistresses, Jamie Jungers, used to babysit one of my Vegas girlfriend's daughter? My girlfriend said Jamie would come over and talk about Tiger, and how it was common knowledge among everyone that she was effing him. Innnnneresting!

4. The snow can suck it again this week. I still have two feet of snow in my yard and it ain't melting fast enough. I'm ready for flowers and grass and warming bring on Spring!

That's it for this week.


AmandaWK said...

HA HA! Your first suck it is very similar to what I wrote for my suck it at 1:30 in the morning. ha ha ha! Great minds experience the same crap!

Poor kid, I feel for your son. No what it's like not to have friend in school and I was never the new kid.

I too am sick of T.Woods!!!

Rita Templeton said...

Ohhh my heart seizes up when I read "Suck It" #2! My baby starts Kindergarten this year and him not making friends or not feeling comfortable is a huge fear of mine. :( I hope your son makes a bunch of new, great friends very very soon!

NucMEd is Hot said...

Snow can suck it everyday

Tiger needs to just play golf and anyone who cares what he's doing can suck it...I want sportscenter to talk about anyhting but him

All first graders are sucky...I have one and she is going through the same thing...she has 1 friend...her whole calss neeeds to suck it!

Love the weekly update!

Closer to Lucy said...

Aww feel bad for the little guy, kids are mean. My man-child went through a rough spell when we moved too. When he finally got his groove they rezoned and he had to start over at a new school

I'm so over Tiger,ewww. I sure the hell hope by actions speaking louder than words that his wife means checkbook strokes.

Kacey said...

Aw, poor little guy. I'm mad at those other little punks for you. I wish they could all be nice!

gayle said...

My heart is breaking as I read this. I have 23 first graders and they all get along pretty good with each other. Oh they have there spats now and then but for the most part all is well. We always tell the kids that it is better to have lots of friends! Have you talked to his teacher? We had a new boy in our room and he didn't want to play with any of the kids....not sure why..maybe he was shy...anyway the counselor formed a friends group that met with her once every two weeks. Now the little boy is doing much better. Talk to his teacher about your concerns. We have had parents tell us that their child said they didn't have any friends and we were shocked b/c they were always playing with all the other kids.

Anonymous said...

The hardest thing about being a parent is not being able to make other children like/play with yours. Talk about feeling totally helpless.

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