Sunday, February 7, 2010

Suck-It Sunday

Thanks to The Mom, Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy for the graphic!

So sorry my Suck-It Sunday is running late today, but the Internet has been out all morning...thanks to Snowmageddon. know, the 3 feet of snow the east coast was buried in yesterday morning? Growing up in Colorado, this shit ain't nothin new to me. It still sucks, though. I've never liked the snow. Snowstorms are fun for a few hours, but then the family and I stop liking each other and we need to get out of the house. Remember I work from home all week so once the weekend rolls around I am ready to get OUT. I tried to make the best out of the day and spent most of it watching the newscast (something I never get to do!), drinking coffee, making homemade cinnamon rolls and cream cheese brownies and listening to lots of classical music. Sounds pretty decent, eh?

Just to give you an idea of how bad it was at my place, check out the pictures I took:

The snow along our sliding door was almost as tall as little miss Ava!

Anyone want to have a BBQ?

It's supposed to snow more this Tuesday and Wednesday. Great. Can't wait....can you sense my excitement?

So I have only one thing that can SUCK-IT this week. Can you guess what it is? The snow. The snow can suck it this week. Philadelphia has received 50 freakin inches of snow this season. They're calling it a "historic" winter. Lovely. Enough already for pete's sake. I just got here.

Is it spring time yet?


Ms Moreno said...

bet your missing vegas right about now

AmandaWK said...

Oh this is nothing! You should have been in Harrisburg in the winter of 2002-2003. It was horrible! We had so much snow in the city you had to pack it to the side to the sides of your homes because there was nowhere else to go with it. You'd be driving down Green Street and there would be be igloos as far as the eye could see.

september said...

Can you believe that I'm about 90 minutes from you and only got an inch??

gayle said...

I bet septembers comment made you happy;) I love the snow but then again~ I don't have to drive in it, schools close ( so that means I don't work) yea!! I love it!

AmandaWK said...

Here is my tribute to Suck-It Sunday!


Closer to Lucy said...

I'm with ya, indoor girls don't do snow!

The Mom Jen said...

BRRR!! Ava..don't open the door or we'll never find you! LOL

Man does she look cute in that color!

NucMEd is Hot said...

I have never in my entire life hated snow as much as I do this year and I have nowhere near as much as you do! Buck up camper, there is always alcohol!

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