Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Need

Things I need:

1. A Life

2. More gay men friends. I've been telling the hubs this for years. I love gay men. Always have. Why? Not sure. Maybe because they dress better than I do? I've seen TONS of gay men since moving to Philly. Way more than I ever saw in Las Vegas. Kind of ironic, don't you think? So where I can hang out and make some gay men friends?

3. More purses. There is a Coach Outlet store at the Nevada - California border. I was able to get my purse fix there every six months or so when the family and I would make trips out to the coast. Now, I'm getting bored of my purses. Plus, I could use a little retail therapy. My ass is lonely.

4. Lose 20 pounds of blubber. But then you already knew that.

5. A babysitter. How I'm going to find a good one? I have no freaking clue. The neighbor across the street says she has a great, college-aged babysitter and that I could use her. I just haven't gotten the balls up to go over there and ask for the number. Why? Because I'm shy? Yeah, that's it. You believe me, right?

6. A magazine column. This is my career dream - to have a sassy, advice-driven weekly column. That, and a book deal.


Closer to Lucy said...

As a fellow relocator I feel everyone of your "need" bullets, I still don't have the babysitter and could really use a gay friend especially if he does hair, but I'll take cosmetics too!

The Mom Jen said...

I want a gay friend like Cam on Modern Family!!

september said...

I'm almost positive there's a coach outlet in Flemington, NJ (about an hour away from you); it's about that distance from me and I'm happy to meet you for lunch or something.

Matt said...

you could be friends with Snow White's male suiter

gayle said...

I have no advice for you but I would stay away from across the street if it's the same neighbors you did a video on several weeks ago!:)

Dedi said...

Come visit me! We have a Coach Outlet just up the road :o)

I got a SUPER cute Red coach purse there for $69!! (normal retail $220!!!)

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