Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suck-It Sunday

Suck-It Sunday

Welcome to my very first Suck-It Sunday. Have someone you'd like to scream suck it to? Share it in the comments. Even better, write your own 'Suck-It Sunday' and link it back to me. Maybe we can get lots of people to join in on the sucky fun. Next week I'll have a Mr. Linky Blinkie made to share with everyone. Here we go...

-- The senior citizens who think that, just because they're old and cranky, they can butt in front of me in a long line and pretend that they didn't. Look woman, I know you're cranky but so am I...and I can totally kick your ass. I was going to let go in front of me but, now that you've butted, you can suck it.

-- Speaking of butting in line, what is it with people being a-holes in their cars? Some people do things, say things, hold certain fingers up that they would never do in person. Just because they have a car between them and me protecting them doesn't give them the right to lay on their horn at me when I'm waiting on someone else's dumb ass to move. Yea, they can suck it.

-- People who tell my husband that he is "robbing the cradle" when they hear how old I am. I am 32 and he is 39. I thought I would stop hearing that once I got out of my 20s. Um, nope. The hubs says I shouldn't let it bother me but, for fuck's many times do I have to hear it? So robbing the cradle can suck it.

-- Anne Coulter, Glen Beck, John Edwards, Jon & Kate Gosselin, Dr. Laura, Michael Vick, Osama Bin Laden and my biological father can all suck it. Hard.

-- Taxes can suck it. We recently moved to a city that has some pretty incredible taxes (like the $100 a week we're paying just because the hubs works downtown but lives outside of the Philadelphia city limits - ouch). Hello U.S. Government. Oh, it's our turn to pay taxes? Ok, hold on a minute while I bend over....


Dedi said...

Great Idea!
My Sunday can also Suck It.

Anonymous said...

I will likely steal this idea later (and link back of course). I too am hating taxes, as a freelancer. I am actually making good choices by working from home, not commuting, helping small businesses, and I end up coughing up a third of my paycheck.

Nicole said...

Yes, I have plenty to bitch about and many people and things that can suck it. I'm looking forward to it!

Michael Lantz said...

You go girl,tell it like it is

Closer to Lucy said...

LMAO!! Loving Suck it Sunday!! Though I know plenty that I could tell to suck it Monday thur Sunday! Looking forward to it!!

VegasGhostDude said...

This is a great idea and will probably end up being quite popular!

You forgot to include Rush Limbaugh in your list of people who can suck it!

(Just as a sidenote: that's the city of Philly sticking it to you every week, not the U.S. Gov. Most of the big East Coast cities have crap like that and though I sometimes long to live in NYC again, I sure don't miss those crazy local taxes!)

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